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September 30, 2022
Weigel Auditorium
October 1, 2022
Columbus, OH
October 3, 2022
18th Ave. Library, 175 W. 18th, Room 205
October 3, 2022
Weigel Auditorium

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Associated Faculty, Voice
Susan Powell
Professor of Percussion
Associate Professor of Music Education and Assistant Dean (Lima Campus)
Academic Advisor

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August 24, 2022
“I chose Ohio State because it is affordable and has a lot of great programs.”

Heidi Bowles, a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in music (oboe), and philosophy, politics and economics,…

July 7, 2022
A monthly blog from Michael Ibrahim, Director of the School of Music

"Unboxing a School of Music"

If you happen to spend a lot of time with a child between the ages of five and ten…

April 5, 2022

Food. Water. Air. Music.

For Michael Ibrahim, those are the necessities of life.

“For me not to have music would feel like an unimaginable loss,” Ibrahim said. “There is something…

January 13, 2022
OMEA Professional Development Conference - Cleveland  Feb. 3 – 5, 2022

The School of Music regrets to announce that we will not host our annual alumni reception this year. Ohio State’s highest…