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General Education (GE) Courses

The School of Music offers courses that meet General Education (GE) requirements for non-majors.

Consult your college’s GE list and/or your academic advisor to confirm which GE requirements apply to you (GE: Legacy or GE: New) and that a particular course will satisfy requirements.

Also, please consult Class Search to confirm course meeting times, locations and delivery mode, as not all courses are offered every semester.

GE: Legacy

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) • Global Studies (GS) • Education and Study Abroad (SA) • Social Diversity in the United States (SD)

GE: New

Literary, Visual and Performing Arts (LVPA) • Citizenship for a Diverse and Just World Theme (CT) • Migration, Mobility, and Immobility Theme (MT) • Health and Well-Being Theme (HT) • Lived Environments Theme (LT) • Traditions, Cultures and Transformations Theme (TT)


* 4-credit hour thematic pathway course

+ Not open to music majors.

MUSIC 2250   Music Cultures of the World (VPA/GS/LVPA) +

MUSIC 2251   The World of Classical Music (VPA/GS/LVPA) +

MUSIC 2252   History of Rock ‘n’ Roll (VPA/LVPA)
Rated "best GE course on campus" in The Lantern's "Best of OSU" poll.

MUSIC 2253   Introduction to Jazz (VPA/LVPA)

MUSIC 2254   Video Game Music (VPA/LVPA) — SUMMER ONLY

MUSIC 2288   Bebop to Doo-Wop to Hip-Hop: The Rhythm and Blues Tradition (VPA/SD/LVPA)

MUSIC 3010   Public Health and Opera (HT) *

MUSIC 3342   Introduction to Opera (VPA/LVPA)

MUSIC 3343   Music, Body and Brain (VPA/LVPA)

MUSIC 3344   Film Music (VPA/LVPA)

MUSIC 3347   From Bach to Beethoven (VPA/LVPA)

MUSIC 3348   Music on the Move in a Globalized World (VPA/GS/MT)

MUSIC 3349   The Beatles in 20th Century Music (VPA/LVPA)

MUSIC 3352   Soundscapes of Central Ohio (LT) *

MUSIC 3360   The Brazilian Experience: Surveying Brazilian Culture through Music and Education (VPA/TT) *

MUSIC 3364   Musical Citizenship: Activism, Advocacy and Engagement in Sound (VPA/GS/CT)

MUSIC 3450   The Art and Politics of Hip-Hop (CT)