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About the Studio

The Ohio State bassoon studio maintains between 9–12 music majors and several non-majors. The ratio of performance and education majors is usually 50:50.

The studio is a close group of intelligent, talented, kind and social young adults, each with a quality work ethic and mutual love of music. Constructive criticism is encouraged in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support and we value a good sense of humor.

Classes and Curriculum

The program includes weekly studio classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday classes are devoted to various topics including mock auditions, mock master classes, performance class, orchestral part study and various discussions. Friday studio class is devoted to group reed making. Undergraduates are also required to attend a second reed hour during the week. All students must have 50 reed blanks by the end of autumn semester.

Lesson material consists of foundational exercises including intervals, articulated scales and long tones. Students also study etudes, major and minor scales, orchestral parts and a solo. Juries are required at the end of each semester for all undergraduates, and at the discretion of the teacher for graduate students.


Performance majors are encouraged to practice a minimum of three hours a day; lesson material will reflect this time commitment. Music education majors are encouraged to practice as much as possible, with a minimum of 60–90 minutes per day. Music education majors are some of the hardest-working students on campus — lesson assignments will vary depending on how much each individual student can successfully complete in a week.


The studio regularly performs together for the annual HalleBOOia! concert in October and the Music Celebration Concert in December. Bassoon students also gain leadership and teaching experience by serving as coaches and staff members for our Double Reed Workshop and the summer Double Reed Camp.

Application and Audition

High school juniors and seniors who are researching a college home, visit Undergraduate Admissions for details about the application and audition processes, and opportunities to get to know our school. You must apply and be accepted to the university, and also apply and audition to be accepted into the School of Music. These are two separate processes.

Audition dates are offered December through February. Students will audition for the double reed faculty.

Graduate auditions are approximately 20 minutes in length, and are performed for members of the woodwind faculty. Prospective graduate students should prepare three solos of contrasting style and six orchestral excerpts of their choice. Following the audition, there will be time to ask questions of the panel.

Visit Graduate Students - How to Apply for more information.

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