Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Music

Computer Sciences • Sonic Arts • Creative Practice, Business and Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Music is a multidisciplinary program that provides students the opportunity to explore a wide range of creative, technical and theoretical approaches to music and sound studies in the 21st century. We take an inclusive approach to the study of sound arts, guiding students to develop a conceptual framework, to learn to engage critically with contemporary issues and to apply these insights to creative projects.

  • The Computer Sciences track creates a direct link between the fields of computer science and music. Students take foundational courses in music and the computer sciences, leading to courses that explore the integration of these disciplines. 
  • The Sonic Arts track is a creative track that considers sound in all of its manifestations, and the ways that sound creation and technology influence each other. This includes the study of sound in media (e.g. gaming, film and animation, installations), but also includes the idea of sound as its own medium (e.g. composition, improvisation, computer music, acousmatic music).
  • The Creative Practice, Business and Technology track explores the places — whether physical or technologically mediated — where artists, audiences and economic opportunity converge. This track studies the structures and processes that provide public access to musical creativity, the tools that creators and producers use to understand listeners and consumers, and how music enterprise creates cultural, social and economic value.

Pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Music at Ohio State

All students interested in the Bachelor of Science in Music must apply to both the university and the School of Music. Entrance requirements are unique to each track. Please refer to the BS in Music–Application and the BS in Music–Required Materials web pages for more information. Through a highly selective process, we seek to enroll students who are interested in an innovative approach to music and media studies.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this program will be able to pursue graduate work in a number of fields, including but not limited to, computer science, business, communication, and music technology. Graduates may also choose to work as programmers, entrepreneurs and in various professions within the computer or entertainment industries.

Undergraduate Curriculum Information