Pathways to Your Future in Music Education

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Graduate Music Education at Ohio State

Whether you are interested in completing a Master of Arts, beginning a PhD, seeking professional development, or exploring areas of interest within and outside of music, Ohio State’s Pathways to Your Future in Music Education provides the flexibility to meet your professional goals.

The pathways program allows you to choose the coursework that aligns with your personal goals and schedule. Choose from summer courses, autumn/spring courses (most in the evenings), or online and in-person courses to begin a pathway to your future. (Image credit: Vectorarte on


Offerings in Music Education — Summer 2023

Music 5765 Literature for Vocal Music Education (2 credits)
Instructor: Jordan Saul
6-week class: June 20–July 28
In-person: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Created with professional educators in mind, this course is designed to instruct and apply principles for effective planning, execution and assessment of choral rehearsals through examination of choral repertoire for school music groups. We will examine rehearsal technique analysis and application developed through score study as applicable to K–12 standards-based skills and knowledge. (Available for undergraduate or graduate level credit.)

Music 6754 Cognitive, Social and Health Benefits of Music Engagement (3 credits)
Instructor: Eugenia Costa-Giomi
8-week class: June 5–July 28
Online with mandatory synchronous (online) meetings on Wednesdays 9:10–10:45 a.m.

We will examine the effects of arts participation on individual and collective behaviors, traits, perceptions, health and well-being indicators, and selected neurophysiological processes. We will discuss the interpretation, impact applications and limitations of current and past research on the topic and its implications for the field of music.

Music 7771 Instrumental Techniques (2 credits)
Instructor: David Hedgecoth
8-week class: June 5–July 28
In-person: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Intended for graduate music education majors who are currently teaching or intend to teach instrumental music at the elementary and secondary level, this course reviews and develops performance and pedagogical competencies on woodwind, brass, percussion and string instruments that will contribute to students becoming more effective instrumental music educators.

Program Features

The Master of Arts in Music Education at Ohio State is a flexible program tailored to you!

With only two required courses in the MA degree program, students develop a custom-made curriculum in consultation with their individual music education advisor, choosing from online and in-person coursework in music, music education, education and other fields. Interdisciplinary study in other departments is also possible.

Coursework is offered in summers and evenings (during autumn/spring) to accommodate students’ schedules.

Download the informative flyer.

Pathways to Your Future [pdf]

To Apply

For the Master of Arts in Music Education or the PhD in Music Education, find application instructions at

  • Application deadline: May 1, 2023

For graduate non-degree, find instructions at

  • Application Deadlines:
    • International applicant February 23, 2023
    • U.S. applicant April 24, 2023

Contact the Graduate School at 614-292-6031 to request permission to apply, if you are applying past the published deadline.

NOTE: Up to 10 credits of approved graduate non-degree coursework at Ohio state may be transferred into the degree program, and up to six credits of approved coursework may transfer from another accredited university.

QUESTIONS? Email Daryl Kinney, area head, music education