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Musicology at Ohio State explores music from around the world and from all historical periods with a comprehensive curriculum [pdf] that ranges from introductory non-major courses to advanced seminars in graduate research. The program also offers performance ensembles representing a variety of global cultures and traditions.

All undergraduate music majors take a set of core courses that acquaint them with the history of Western art music and musics of the world. General Education courses and electives for majors are available on a large variety of topics—for instance, Bach to Beethoven, music and globalization, and African American musical traditions.
The undergraduate musicology major is flexible, allowing students to choose upper-division courses according to their interests, and even to participate in graduate courses. Majors have the benefit of studying with an internationally recognized faculty, whose expertise covers the full range of Western music history and a broad spectrum of non-Western cultures. 

Graduate studies in musicology provide solid training in research, criticism, theory, and analysis of music. Two basic programmatic tracks are offered on the graduate level — historical musicology emphasizes the study of Western music and its historiography from the Middle Ages up to the present day, while ethnomusicology emphasizes the study of musics of the world in the local and broader cultural contexts that give them meaning. Ethnomusicology further includes the option of a sub-specialization in cognitive ethnomusicology, unique in the United States, with its own dedicated laboratory. Graduate students concentrate in either historical musicology or ethnomusicology, but gain a foundation in both.

Courses and seminars explore the breadth of musicology as a discipline, and also reflect the more specific interests of a diverse faculty. Graduate students define individual areas of specialized research in close consultation with the faculty. They are encouraged to take relevant courses in other departments and programs.

The musicology lecture series invites conversation with experts across the discipline. Numerous university centers and institutes at Ohio State also provide valuable opportunities for interdisciplinary research. Those of particular interest include the Center for Cognitive Science, the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, the Hilandar Research Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, the Slavic and East European Studies Center, the Center for African Studies, the Center for Folklore Studies, the Humanities Institute, the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, the Melton Center for Jewish Studies and the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Musicology Lecture Series

Lectures in Musicology takes place at 4 p.m. on selected Monday afternoons in the 18th Avenue Library (second floor, room 205) at 175 West 18th Avenue, unless otherwise noted. The lectures in this series are free and open to the public. The semester schedule is available at Musicology Events and the details for each event will be posted on the School of Music calendar.

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