Flute Troupe

About the Flute Troupe

The Ohio State University Flute Troupe, established in 1985 by Professor Katherine Borst Jones, consists of flute majors who are undergraduate and graduate students at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of the group is to explore and expand the literature for flute ensembles of all sizes while learning the skills of chamber music rehearsal, presentation and performance using all the instruments of the flute family. The flute choir instrumentation is varied, using different numbers and combinations of piccolos and flutes in C, alto flutes in G, bass flutes in C and a contrabass flute in C. Parts are often doubled or tripled. Known nationally for their high level of performance, the Ohio State Flute Troupe is recognized as one of the top college flute choirs in the nation. The group performs in the schools of Ohio, in concerts throughout the university as well on concert series throughout the region, on the Ohio State Contemporary Music Festival and on the 2013 convention of the Society of Composers, Inc. They have performed at five Ohio Music Educators conventions and at the National Flute Association conventions in Chicago (1997 and 2014), Columbus (2000), Nashville (2004), Kansas City (2008), Charlotte (2011), and Minneapolis (2017).The group has premiered and commissioned numerous works. They have also premiered and performed special arrangements by Roger Cichy, Valerie Coleman, Thomas Duffy, Amara Guitry, Nancy Hadden, Jennifer Higdon, Victoria Jicha, Katherine Borst Jones, Tom Kennedy, Anne McGinty and Chris Norman, among others. Recordings of McGinty Music publishing are available online.

Ohio State Flute Troupe and Katherine Borst Jones Commissions

  • Daniel Bukvich — How Birds Take Their Own Self Portraits
  • Roger Cichy — Musings
  • Thomas Duffy — I Sing the Body Eclectic
  • Ladd McIntosh — Calliope Capers (visit Recordings), Zephyr Breeze and Shade, Diffusion and Light, Fireflies
  • Christopher Norman — Sunshine of Saint Eulalie and Hearts Upon the High Road
  • Matthew Saunders — Nod á Don
  • Christopher Weait — Trouping the Blues
  • Tom Wells — Piece for Flute Choir

Other Commissions

  • James Christensen — Fanfare 20 (for the NFA 20th Convention)
  • Valerie Coleman — Fire Dance (for the 2000 NFA Collegiate Flute Choir)
  • Valerie Coleman — Juba (visit Recordings) (for the 2014 NFA High School Flute Choir)
  • Thomas Duffy — Grand Ol’ Opus (Pretty Polly’s Train) (for the NFA Nashville Convention Flute Choir)
  • Bill Holcombe — Nashville Salute (for the NFA Nashville Convention Flute Choir)
  • Tom Kennedy — Children’s March and Shepherd’s Hey (for the NFA Nashville Convention Flute Choir)
  • Anne McGinty — Changes

Katherine Borst Jones Arrangements

  • Ave Maria (César Carillo) for flute choir
  • Harmonious Blacksmith (G. F. Handel) for four flutes (Southern Music)
  • Pretty Saro for flute choir
  • Shenandoah for flute choir

Pieces Premiered

  • Ervin Monroe — Oh, Little Apple
  • Tschaikovsky/Jicha — Serenade