Future Graduate Students

The Focus is on You

Welcome to Graduate Studies in Music at The Ohio State University. As you consider where to complete your formal musical studies, we hope that we can place you in our spotlight. Whether your focus is performance, composition, conducting, music education, theory or musicology, our faculty focuses on you! — Eugenia Costa-Giomi, Associate Director, Graduate Studies in Music

Why Ohio State?

Oval Seal
  • An outstanding faculty of specialists
  • An impressive record of accomplishments by our graduates
  • A comprehensive, field-based curriculum
  • Specialized research laboratories
  • A positive and supportive learning environment
  • Undergraduate teaching opportunities
  • Significant podium time
  • Competitive financial support opportunities

Learn more about Columbus

Contact School of Music Graduate Studies
mus-grad@osu.edu or 614-292-6389

Graduate Degrees Offered

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Music Education, Music Theory, Musicology)
  • Doctor of Musical Arts (Composition, Conducting, Performance)
  • Master of Arts (Music Education, Music Theory, Musicology, String Pedagogy)
  • Master of Music (Composition, Conducting, Performance)

How to Apply

Pathways to Your Future in Music Education

Whether you are interested in completing a Master of Arts, beginning a PhD, seeking professional development, or exploring areas of interest within and outside of music, Ohio State’s Pathways to Your Future in Music Education provides the flexibility to meet your professional goals.

Choose coursework that aligns with your personal goals and schedule. Choose from summer courses, autumn/spring courses (most in the evenings), or online and in-person courses to begin a pathway to your future.

Questions? Contact Daryl Kinney, Music Education Area Head

Visit the School of Music

For visits to campus, we suggest contacting the area head for your major or the instructor for your instrument. With the extensive knowledge they have of their programs, they will be able to provide you with a full overview of your specific major and degree and what the School of Music has to offer. Refer to the PEOPLE directory.

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