David Hedgecoth

Assistant Professor
Music Education

A native of Jacksonville, Florida, David Hedgecoth earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Music Education from Florida State University in Tallassee in 1999 and 2003 respectively. Dr. Hedgecoth taught in the Seminole County Public School System for nine years, supervising programs of up to 350 students. He has served as a guest conductor/clinician for honor bands and leadership clinics in Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Virginia.

After completing his in PhD in Music Education at The Ohio State University in 2012, Hedgecoth joined the music education faculty of the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. His responsibilities included directing the Symphonic Band, wind repertoire, supervising student teaching and field experience in addition to serving as liaison to the College of Education.

As a faculty member at Ohio State, Hedgecoth’s duties include brass and woodwind methods courses, instrumental music education for choral majors, teaching instrumental music for high school students, and supervising field experience for instrumental music education music majors. A former Teacher of the Year and National Board Certified Teacher, Hedgecoth’s research interests include the numerous factors that impact classroom music educators: political influences in education, charter schools as well as public school and charter school curriculum.

Scholarly Activity

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Hedgecoth, D. (2019). Charter schools and musical choice. Philosophy of Music Education Review (in press).
  • Hedgecoth, D. (2018). Student perceptions and learning outcomes from self-guided large ensemble rehearsal. Research and Issues in Music Education, 14(1).
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  • Hedgecoth, D.; Fischer, S. (2014). 100 years of advocacy in Music Educators Journal — What does history tell us? Music Educators Journal, 100(4). 54–58.

Editor-Reviewed Publications

  • Hedgecoth, D. (2017). The sounds of music or the sound of silence? TRIAD, Ohio Music Education Association, 85(1).
  • Hedgecoth, D.; Gillespie R. (2017). Full orchestra in the schools. American String Teachers Journal, 76(1).
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Research Currently in Review

  • Hedgecoth, D. (2018). “This is not what I was trained to do”: perspectives of first-year charter school music teachers.
Areas of Expertise
  • Brass pedagogy
  • Charter school music programs
  • Public school and charter school music curricula
  • BME and MA, Florida State University-Tallahassee
  • PhD in Music Education, The Ohio State University

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