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Symphony Orchestra String Audition Procedures — Autumn 2024

String Audition Information

All returning and prospective members will audition via a submitted video. 

  • A live audition option is available on Monday, Aug. 19 for anyone first learning of the orchestra during a late orientation or during Welcome Week. 

First — review all details about Symphony Orchestra Auditions.

Audition Instructions 

Step 1: Complete the online Audition Form required.

Step 2: Access and prepare your musical excerpts.

Find the musical excerpts, listed by instrument, below.

  • Note that some excerpt packets contain selections required for ALL players, as well as some sections that are only for those who wish to be considered for first chair and/or front desk. Pay attention to the sections you are required to prepare. 

Step 3: Prepare and submit your audition video.

Prepare your audition video according to the instructions below. 

Email videos to Christopher Dent, ensembles administrator.

DEADLINE: Thursday, Aug. 15

Violins and cellos are encouraged to submit videos as early as possible to benefit our new violin and cello faculty, and so that we can determine whether you will play first or second violin, then distribute parts accordingly so you will be prepared for the first rehearsal on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Musical Excerpts for Step 2

All Candidates

Metronome markings listed are performance tempo. Please take the tempo you are most comfortable with, for accuracy of notes and rhythm.

String section seating rotates at the discretion of the conductor and studio faculty, in some cases also including the principal and concertmaster chairs. 

YouTube Recordings


Those who wish to play second violin only, please prepare only the excerpts in the Violin 2 packet below.



Double Bass

Video Audition Technical Information for Step 3

Before you begin — Equipment Check

  • Use whatever video recording device you have at your disposal (video camera, phone, tablet, computer etc.), but select a device that particularly captures the highest quality audio.
  • When positioning the camera, be sure that you can be seen clearly in the video.
  • Before recording, test the audio level and picture quality of both the device and microphone.


  • The audition recording is to be one continuous take, with no pauses or edits in any way.
  • Begin the video with a short personal introduction in which you share:
    • your first and last name
    • year in school this semester (e.g. “second year undergraduate student,” “first year master’s degree student” etc.)
    • your declared major (e.g. “music performance,” “music education,” “engineering” etc.)
    • your hometown (e.g. “Columbus, OH,” “Moorhead, MN” etc.)
    • any desire to participate in chamber music at Ohio State
  • Following your personal introduction, proceed to the excerpts, performing them in the order in which they are listed above. You may take some time between excerpts, but do not stop or pause the recording. Allow the recorder to capture the time you take between excerpts.

Steps to Finalize, Upload and Share Your Video Audition

  1. View your completed video in its entirety to ensure that it includes all of the required components and your finest quality performance of the required excerpts.
  2. Auditions should be posted as an unlisted video on YouTube. Below is a links to instructional videos that can help with this process:
  3. Email the unlisted video link to Christopher Dent, ensembles administrator. Please type SYMPHONY AUDITION in the subject line. 

DEADLINE: Thursday, Aug. 15

Audition Results and First Meeting

A Message from the Director

All students who submit a video audition for the Symphony Orchestra will receive an email notification before August 18.

Students who audition live on Monday, Aug. 19 will be informed of their results before Tuesday. If you do not receive an email by that time, please contact me at burns.1165@osu.edu.

There will be an Orchestra Meeting for all members to discuss the syllabus, programming, all protocols and other important information on the first day of classes, Tuesday, Aug. 20 • 1:50—2:45 p.m. in Weigel Auditorium. 

I look forward to making music with you all next month!

Professor Burns

[pdf] — Several links on this page are to PDF files requiring Adobe Reader. If you need them in a more accessible format, please contact us.