Symphony Orchestra Auditions — Autumn

Symphony Orchestra Course Information

Undergraduate: MUSIC 2215.01  |  Graduate Students: MUSIC 7215.01
Classes meet Tue./Thu. 1:50–3:55 and Wed. (strings) 5:20–6:15 p.m.

Symphony Orchestra Strings

Strings auditions for the Symphony Orchestra are open to all students enrolled at Ohio State — regardless of major.

ATTENTION! Eligible non-major string players only: If you have schedule conflicts with the Wednesday rehearsals, you are still strongly encouraged to audition for the Symphony Orchestra. Once you are accepted, please contact Miriam Burns, director of orchestras, to discuss an alternative arrangement for the conflict.


Audition Process for Strings

All returning and prospective members will audition via a submitted video. Follow the button below for instructions, the required audition form and excerpts to prepare. 

  • Violins, in particular, are encouraged to submit videos as early as possible so that we can determine whether you will play 1st or 2nd violin, and distribute parts accordingly so that you will be prepared for the first rehearsal on Wednesday, August 23.

Students who learn about the Symphony Orchestra during Orientation or Welcome Week may audition in person on Monday afternoon, August 21 using the audition materials below. Please email Miriam Burns, director of orchestras, to schedule your audition. Note that the first rehearsal will be Wednesday, August 23.

Note: there will be an Orchestra Meeting for all members to discuss the syllabus, programming, all protocols and other important information on the first day of classes, Tuesday, Aug. 22  1:50—2:45 p.m. Location TBA.

Instructions, Audition Form, Musical Excerpts

DEADLINE: Thursday, Aug. 17


Woodwinds and Brass

Auditions are conducted in coordination with the auditions for the Ohio State Concert Bands. Audition materials for woodwind and brass instruments are available on the Bands Auditions page.

Non-Majors — Wind, brass and percussion non-majors seeking an orchestral experience are encouraged to join the Campus Orchestra. Contact Malik Khalfani.


Campus Orchestra

Students may join the Campus Orchestra by registering for the class. There is a simple audition for seating purposes only. Contact Malik Khalfani for information. 

Undergraduate: MUSIC 5215.03 Class #36245  |  Graduate: MUSIC 5215.03 Class #36244
Class meets Mondays 5:20–6:45 p.m.

Timashev Music Building, Room 160


Email Christopher Dent, ensembles administrator.