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Workshop Graduate Credit 2024

Graduate credit available for String Teacher Workshop

Course number: MUSIC 7754
String Teacher Workshop
2 credits — Dr. Heather Lofdahl

Seminar on current materials, music, assessment procedures, and strategies for teaching strings/orchestra in the schools. 

Prerequisite: Undergraduate degree in Music. Repeatable to a maximum of 20 hours.

  • Watch for more information regarding graduate credit application procedures. NOTE — this will be the next step after completing and submitting the String Teacher Workshop registration form.

Registration and Payment Procedures


Email Heather Lofdahl (lofdahl.2@osu.edu) for details about graduate credit.

Earning Graduate Credits

Those wishing to earn 2 graduate credits for the String Teacher Workshop must fulfill the following requirements. *

  1. Complete Workshop Registration online and submit payment.
    In-Person/hybrid registration deadline: FRIDAY, JUNE 21.
    Online-Only registration deadline: WEDNESDAY, JULY 3.
  2. View
    In-Person/hybrid — Attend a total of 45 hours of sessions of your choice.
    Online-Only  View 45 hours of Workshop videos of your choice. Online-only workshop activities to be announced.
  3. Complete the graduate credit participant attendance form (to be provided by Workshop staff).


Email the workshop administrator at ohiostatestw@gmail.com.

String Teacher Workshop