Men's Glee Club

Men's Glee Club


A word "from the podium"

June / July 2023

Ready: Getting ready for me is about resting, exercise, golf, and much thinking. I believe I am nearly ready to take on the planning and preparation for 2023–2024. 

Set: Yes. The calendar is set, the rehearsal and concert locations are secured, and the audition schedule is ready. Sign-up times will be available in mid-August.

Go! The go date is August 22 (the first day of choir auditions). All members of MGC must audition for a spot in this prestigious ensemble. Whether as a hopeful returning member or hopeful as a first-year member, you must sign up for an audition. The first MGC rehearsal is August 25 at 4:10 p.m.

Robert J. Ward
MGC conductor


Robert J. Ward, Director of Choral Studies

Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.04
Graduate: MUSIC 7203.04

Classes meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday
:105:05 p.m. 

Please consult Class Search to confirm course meeting times and locations.