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September 2021

It is a most wonderful thing to be singing together as an ensemble. Ohio State’s Health and Safety committee is allowing us to rehearse as an ensemble, wearing masks. We do not have a physical-distancing requirement. All MGC members are aware that things could change at any moment, so we are all committed to adhering to safety protocols.

One of the many lessons we have learned in the past 18 months is expanding the definition of the word success. In a recent address to the School of Music, I shared the following:

“The meaning of the word success is often limited to the accomplishment of a single aim or purpose. In its largest sense, success is more about a journey than it is about an arrival point. When Thurgood Marshall retired from the Supreme Court he was asked, 'Mr. Justice, to what do you attribute your long-term success?' His answer was, 'I showed up every day and made the most of what I had to work with.' Success is about showing up and trying to get it right. That said, success is not about always getting it right. In the School of Music, we don’t always get it right. But not getting it right does not imply that we got it wrong or that at any level that we failed.


It simply means we should seek an alternate path. And having the courage to walk down any path to its logical conclusion is a hallmark of success. Additionally, do not think that the path you are on now is always the best path. A willingness to be on the lookout for new paths is a key element in being successful and is a defining characteristic of the Ohio State School of Music.”

Since 1875, the Men’s Glee Club has been an Ohio State success story. The tradition lives on, and our enjoyment of music making will be shared with audiences over the next several months.


Robert J. Ward
MGC conductor




Undergraduate: MUSIC 2203.04  |  Graduate: MUSIC 7203.04
Classes meet MWF 4:105:05 p.m.  |  Hughes 100 (Auditorium)


Robert J. Ward, Director of Choral Studies