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Frequently Asked Questions — Undergraduate Admissions

Applications and Admissions

Yes, all prospective music majors must apply to both the university and the School of Music (Acceptd®).

Yes! Choosing the first audition date will help expedite the university admissions process. Frequently, the university will wait to receive your audition results before completing a final review. If you choose a later audition date, then your university decision may be delayed.

If you have already submitted your application via Acceptd® and would like to add more materials (documents, videos), please contact Tanya Sparks, School of Music Admissions Coordinator, at sparks.348@osu.edu.

For first year students, a portfolio to submit samples of their work is not required but is strongly encouraged. Prospective first year composition students need to submit the music application with a personal statement, perform a successful audition and complete an interview with the composition faculty. Transfer composition students will be required to submit a portfolio for composition lesson level placement. More information on composition requirements can be found on the Audition Requirements page.

No. Both the university and School of Music applications open in August and can be completed simultaneously.

No, the admissions processes for the university and School of Music are separate. Your audition results will be sent to you shortly after your audition. You can check your university application status by visiting the university Applicant Center.

Double Major Options

IMPORTANT — You may only list one major on your university application. If you decide to double major, you must list MUSIC as your major so that university admissions will know to consider your School of Music audition results. You will be able to declare your second major at a later date. EXCEPTION: If you are planning to double major in Music and ENGINEERING or Computer and Information Science (BS CIS, BA CIS), please list that major on your university application. Due to the competitive admissions process into these programs, it is important to have that as your primary major. When you complete your application for the School of Music you will indicate your second major so that we will know of your intentions.

It is possible to pursue a double major or dual degrees with a major outside of music. Students should be prepared for extended degree time. Incoming AP, CCP, or IB credit along with summer coursework can help shorten this time.

The College of Arts and Sciences determines what dual degree combinations and double majors are allowed based on amount of overlapping credits and number of distinct credits in each degree. Dual degrees in Music Education and a Bachelor of Music in Performance are allowed under the College of Arts and Sciences guidelines. Students wishing to pursue a dual degree or double major with the Bachelor of Music Education and one of the non-performance Bachelor of Music degrees must have their request reviewed and approved by the college: this is done on a case-by-case basis.

The Bachelor of Music Education and Bachelor of Music degrees cannot be combined with the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science music degrees. In addition, students cannot pursue two Bachelor of Music degrees (e.g. Performance and Musicology).


No, the audition process is optional for students applying to the Bachelor of Science degree, except for the Computer Sciences track where an audition is required if no composition is submitted. An audition is required for all other degrees (BM, BME, BA).

If you have submitted your School of Music application and need to change your requested audition date, contact Tanya Sparks, School of Music Admissions Coordinator, at sparks.348@osu.edu or 688-0372.

While a live audition is always preferred, the School of Music will also accept video auditions via Acceptd®. The recording should be uploaded, and application submitted, no later than January 27, 2024. In addition, students may also be able to schedule an alternative date to come to campus for a live audition by requesting alternate dates — on weekdays only.

All auditions — whether in person or recorded — will receive full and equitable consideration for admission.

Yes, if you select to audition in person, it is an all-day commitment. We will have scheduled activities and sessions throughout the day.

You will be given your assigned time when you check in the morning of your audition. Most auditions will be in the late morning or early afternoon, between 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Music Scholarships

All talent-based music scholarships are made by faculty recommendation based on your audition. Most scholarships are renewable for 4 years so long as the recipient is making satisfactory progress towards a degree in music. Those who are awarded a music scholarship should receive notification by the middle of March.

Current Columbus Campus Students

All current Ohio State students wishing to become a music major should complete our application via Acceptd® and perform a successful audition. If you wish to be considered for admission in the spring semester, then you must choose the first December audition date.

Transfer and Campus Change Students

Credit may be granted for academic classes in which a student received a grade of C– or better at an accredited institution. However, not all classes may count toward degree requirements. After a student has been admitted to Ohio State, the Transfer Credit Center evaluates the transcript and determines Ohio State equivalencies. Some classes may require further review before equivalency is awarded.

After a successful audition and matriculation, the School of Music Transfer Credit Coordinator will evaluate which courses meet music degree requirements. Every effort will be made to utilize as many courses as possible. The School of Music accepts music coursework from accredited institutions; however, music theory, aural, and keyboard skills may be assessed to determine appropriate placement. The applied faculty will determine the level of study on the instrument or voice.

As not all music programs are structured in the same way, students should be prepared for the possibility of extended degree time. Transferology.com can be used to get an idea about how courses from another institution might transfer to Ohio State.

If you have more questions about transfer credit, please reach out to Emily Klepinger at klepinger.13@osu.edu.

Congratulations! Your next step is to make an appointment with your current academic advisor so that you can initiate the campus change process.

Opportunities for Non-Music Majors

Non-music majors are welcome at the School of Music! We encourage you to perform in our ensembles, take our GE courses, and pursue our minors.