General Education (GE) Courses


The School of Music offers courses that meet General Education (GE) requirements for non-majors. Consult your college’s GE list and/or your academic advisor to confirm that a particular course will satisfy requirements.

Also, please consult the Course Catalog, as not all classes are offered every semester.

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) • Global Studies (GS) • Education and Study Abroad (SA)

MUS 2250   Music Cultures of the World (VPA/GS) *

MUS 2251   The World of Classical Music (VPA/GS) *

MUS 2252   History of Rock ‘n’ Roll (VPA)
Rated "best GE course on campus" in The Lantern's "Best of OSU" online poll.

MUS 2253   Introduction to Jazz (VPA)

MUS 3342   Introduction to Opera (VPA)

MUS 3343   Music, Body and Brain (VPA)

MUS 3344   Film Music (VPA)

MUS 3348   Music on the Move in a Globalized World (VPA/GS)

MUS 3349   The Beatles in 20th Century Music (VPA)

MUS 3350   The British Invasion: Exploring the Impact of British Popular Music in the 1960s (VPA/Study Abroad; not currently offered)

MUS 3360   The Brazilian Experience: Surveying Brazilian Culture through Music and Education (VPA/Study Abroad; not currently offered)

MUS 3364   Musical Citizenship: Activism, Advocacy and Engagement in Sound (VPA/GS)

* Not open to music majors.