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In-Person Workshop Activities

Workshop Location

The Ohio State University School of Music
College Road
Columbus, OH 43210

Join us for a week of fun-filled events, opportunities to meet teachers from all over the world, and a full week of educational sessions by master teachers.

Instruments will be available to check out for daily use.

Download and save or print the Detailed Daily Schedule (3/1/24 ed.); this document is updated periodically.

Events include:

  • Opening reception — The Loft Violin Shop
  • New teacher luncheon
  • Pizza party lunch — Baroque Violin Shop
  • Shopping time at Stanton’s Sheet Music
  • Workshop orchestra performance on campus of The Ohio State University
  • Workshop dinner party at Schmidt’s Sausage Haus in German Village

Sessions include:

Alternative Styles

  • Teaching the 21st Century Orchestra — Cory Zilisch
  • Old-Time Fiddle Lab — Christen Blanton

Beginning Strings

  • Two Sessions of Teaching Beginning Strings — Christen Blanton
  • Jaws and Jazz: Tips for Successful Recruitment — Emily Way 
  • Perfecting the Art of the Beginning Orchestra Class — Margaret Selby

Chamber Music with Debbie Price

  • Two Chamber Music Lab Orchestras
  • Dance to the Music: Exploring effective techniques to energize your orchestra and chamber groups

Classroom Engagement

  • Thriving Through Dynamic Shifts: How to Maintain Excellence in Your Program — JulieAnn Bernard
  • Delegate, Facilitate -> Cooperate: Establishing Positive Procedures in Your Orchestra Classroom — Erin Broadhurst
  • Leadership in Your Orchestra Program — Brian Cole
  • Retention and Community Building — Brian Cole
  • Creativity in the Orchestra Classroom — Heather Lofdahl
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Orchestra Classroom — Heather Lofdahl
  • Energizing and Creating Growth in an Existing Program: Tanner Otto and Angela Santangelo

Conducting with Miriam Burns

  • Four Conducting Labs
  • Efficiency in Rehearsals

Instrument Repair and Inventory

  • Instrument Fleet Maintenance — Ella Pittsford and The Loft Violin Shop
  • Daily Repair Workshops — Jeremy Bartel and Baroque Violin Shop


  • Pathways to Publishing: Andy Dabczynski and Sarah Siegler

Reading Sessions with Composers

  • Carl Fischer Music — Alan Lee Silva
  • Excelcia Publishing — Alan Lee Silva
  • Grand Mesa Strings — Andy Dabczynski and Sarah Siegler
  • Grade 1 Reading Session — Matt Radspinner
  • 2 My Favorite Orchestra Reading Session — led by workshop participants (all attendees welcome to contribute!)

Rehearsal and Classroom Techniques

  • Adjudication Preparation — Charles Laux
  • Approach, Arrive, Depart: Strategies for Developing Expressive Ensembles — Scott Laird
  • Computational Thinking and the Orchestra Classroom: The Model, Lesson Planning, Strategies, and Advocacy — Scott Laird
  • The Habit Loop and Applications to Rehearsal Strategy — Scott Laird
  • Playing In Tune Is Not Magic: Exercises and Rehearsal Strategies that Dramatically Improve String Ensemble Intonation — Chris Selby
  • Rhythms and Rushing: Effective Strategies for Teaching Students to Read Rhythms and Listen Across the Ensemble
  • Teach the Movement and the Music Will Follow — Kathleen Horvath and Juliet White-Smith
  • The Secret is the Right Hand: Developing Amazing Tone and Articulation in Every Level of String Ensemble — Chris Selby
  • Vibrato Lab — Bob Gillespie

Secondary Instrument Classes

  • 10 Daily Violin/Viola Classes — Bob Gillespie
  • 10 Daily Cello Classes — Julie Ellis
  • 10 Daily Double Bass Classes — Matt Radspinner and Doug Wright
  • 10 Daily Secondary String Classes for the Non-String Player — Matt Radspinner
  • Viola Lab — Heather Lofdahl


  • The Art and Craft of Recording School Orchestras in Sight and Sound — Mathew Kinnear
  • Essential Elements Interactive — Charles Laux


  • ATTN Teachers: PUT YOUR OXYGEN MASKS ON FIRST! — Kathleen Horvath and Juliet White-Smith
  • Sustainability and Happiness: How to Teach Your Heart Out Without Burning Out — Margaret Selby
  • Wisdom through the Ages: What I Have Learned that Works and What Does Not — JulieAnn Bernard 

String Teacher Workshop