Symphony Orchestra Auditions — Spring

Audition details for Autumn will be available in mid-July.

Auditions for Spring 2024

New string players are eligible to join the Ohio State Symphony Orchestra for spring semester. 

Auditions are open to all students enrolled at Ohio State, regardless of major.

Note that formal auditions are not required to join the Campus Orchestra, but seating auditions for placement in the ensemble are required for all participants.


Auditions for the Ohio State Symphony Orchestra are held once per year, at the start of the academic year.

If you are considering joining the orchestra for the first time in Spring semester, contact Miriam Burns, director of orchestras. 

  • ATTENTION! For eligible non-major string players only: If you have schedule conflicts with the rehearsals on Wednesdays, you are still strongly encouraged to audition for the Symphony Orchestra. Once you are accepted, please contact Prof. Miriam Burns to discuss an alternative arrangement for the conflict.

Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion

Auditions are conducted in coordination with the auditions for the Ohio State Concert Bands. Audition materials for woodwind and brass instruments will be posted on the Bands Auditions page. Contact Susan Powell for percussion information. 

Course Information

Undergraduates: MUSIC 2215.01  |  Graduate Students: MUSIC 7215.01
Classes meet Tue./Thu. 1:50–3:55 and Wed. (strings) 5:20–6:15 

Rehearsals and performances are subject to change.

  • Please consult Class Search to confirm course meeting times and locations.


Contact Christopher Dent, ensembles administrator, at

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