April Whyte

Graduate Associate
Graduate Associates
Music Education

April Whyte is studying instrumental music education at Ohio State, currently serving as a graduate teaching associate in instrumental string music education. As an orchestra specialist, youth symphony conductor, Olympia Symphony Orchestra violist, and string orchestra clinician in Washington state, April Whyte inspired young people to pursue high standards and expressive musical performance. April conducted with the student orchestras of Greater Olympia in addition to her fourteen-year career in the Bethel schools of Washington state. Her entrepreneurial skillset in orchestra program development enabled her to take the helm of the Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra programs in 2008. With a comprehensive vision of engaging young musicians in civic service through their musical talents, April connected with the Maple Valley area communities, creating many unique performance and service events. The value-driven relationships fostered in the Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra focused on developing character through participation in music ensembles.

Areas of Expertise
  • Instrumental String Music Education