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Harry (Chanatach) Suriyachai

Harry Suriyachai's graduate associate profile

Harry (Chanatach) Suriyachai

Graduate Associate


Areas of Expertise

  • Musicology
  • Thai Popular Music


  • BA, Music, Payap University
  • ME, Art Education, Srinakharinwirot

Harry Suriyachai, a PhD student in musicology and ethnomusicology at The Ohio State University, serves as a graduate teaching associate. He cultivated his music studies in Thailand, pursuing a bachelor’s degree with a major in music business. His curiosity and passion to explore different approaches to music led him to employment as a music producer, instructor and label manager. Continuing with master’s studies in music education, Harry had a deeply interest in popular music, inspiring him to write his master’s thesis entitled “The Development of Pop Songwriting’s Teaching Manual.”

While working in the Thai music industry, Harry Suriyachai witnessed the lack of freedom and equal access to creative resources, resulting in an absence of extensive and innovative music research and development. He strongly believes in the potential of Thai music to grow extensively; for this to be accomplished, newer and broader knowledge of various music genres, styles and compositions should be studied and advocated.

Harry's objectives are to continue pursuing the PhD in musicology, and to elevate his knowledge of music to a more international and global height, in order to better promote music research and development in Thailand.

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