String Teacher Workshop 2023 (IN PERSON)

for your interest in the String Teacher Workshop which will be held July 915, 2023 in the new Timashev Family Music Building, 1900 College Road at The Ohio State University.

  • ALL prospective IN-PERSON/hybrid attendees must complete and Submit this form by FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2023.
    If you plan to attend online only, please proceed to the ONLINE-ONLY registration form.
  • If you wish to earn Graduate credit, NOTE: after submitting this registration form, your next step is to apply for Ohio State academic credit through the Office of Distance and E-Learning. That is a separate process — details will be posted on the String Teacher Workshop site when available.

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All in-person attendees may enjoy offerings in hybrid format. Your tuition covers not only sessions and laboratories held on campus, but also access to online recordings you may view at your convenience.

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Six (6) nights with Monday breakfast through Saturday breakfast, except Tuesday lunch, Friday lunch and Friday dinner.

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