Scholarship Application

for Global and Popular Music Experience

Email the following materials to Rick Palese at within 48 hours of submitting your online registration. See the deadline schedule below.

  • A brief recommendation letter from a parent, guardian, or teacher that speaks to the student's commitment to learning. The letter need not describe musical ability; rather, it should describe the student's general curiosity and strength of character.
  • A student essay (300 words or less) that includes the following information:
  • Why the student is interested in participating in the program and how they anticipate participation would enhance their overall education.
  • A statement about how participation in the program would be cost prohibitive without receiving scholarship assistance.
  • A brief statement about why music is an important part of human culture.

Scholarship Submission and Review Timeline

  • Saturday, May 15 — Scholarship application review begins.
  • Wednesday, May 19 (11:59 p.m.) — Registration deadline for scholarship consideration. Participants may still register with payment of full fee until June 1.
  • Friday, May 21 (11:59 p.m.) — Deadline for all scholarship application submissions. Materials must be emailed to Rick Palese at before the deadline for consideration.
  • Monday, May 24 — Scholarship review completed, and monies awarded.
  • Tuesday, June 1 — Fee balances, less scholarship deposits and awards due. It is highly recommended that applicants submit scholarship materials as early as is possible. All materials received before the MAY 21 deadline will receive full consideration.

Refer to the evaluation form below to understand how your submissions will be reviewed.
PDF icon GPME Scholarship Evaluation Form [pdf]

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