Faculty recital: Sax and Serenade Duo 2/12/24

Monday, Feb. 12, 2024  •  7:30 p.m.

Timashev Recital Hall
Columbus, OH





Lara Brooks, soprano
Ed Bak, piano 
Abby Yeakle Held, oboe

from Cabaret Songs (1978)

William Bolcom (b. 1938)

“Migratory V”
from Myths & Hymns (1998)

Adam Guettel (b. 1964)

“Who Needs Love”
from Ever After (2015)

Los Pinguinos (2009)

Zina Goldirch (b. 1964) and 
Marcy Heilser (b. 1967)

Brief Pause



Lara Brooks, soprano 
Robert Brooks, tenor saxophone

I Shall Be Coming Back to You
(United States Premiere, World Premiere in Dec. 2023)

Griffin Candey (1988)

1. At the Touch of You
2. Lightning
3. I Shall Be Coming Back to You
4. At the Last

Brief Pause



Robert Brooks, tenor saxophone 
Kevin Turner, guitar 
Emma Taylor, guest artist, bass
Josh Sommers, drums

To Wisdom, The Prize 

Larry Willis (1942–2019)

Cyclic Episode

Sam Rivers (1923–2011)


David Raskin (1912–2004)

Shade of the Cedar Tree 

Christian McBride (b. 1972) 



From Dr. Griffin Candey  on I Shall Be Coming Back to You

I Shall Be Coming Back to You (2024) takes on the poetry of the respected — but too-often overlooked — 20th century queer poet, Witter Bynner. Bynner, based for a large portion of his life in the American Southwest with his partner, Robert Hunt, ran in the artistic circles that both lived and visited there — Bynner was close with fellow locals like Ansel Adams and Georgia O'Keeffe, as well as visitors and friends like W. H. Auden, Willa Cather, Robert Frost, Martha Graham, Aldous Huxley, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Carl Sandburg, Igor Stravinsky, and more. Bynner's poetry, aside from being beautifully constructed, often succinct, and brimming with shining imagery, also stands as an example of openly-queer poetry during a time (especially the 1920's-1950's) when it could have cost him his career, safety, everything. The four texts chosen ("At The Touch of You," "Lightning," "The Long Way," and "At The Last,") chronicle a relationship from its early moments to its very last moments, giving a heartfelt, episodic glimpse into how a relationship grows and changes over the course of a shared lifetime.

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