Gregory Proctor

Associate Professor Emeritus
Faculty Emeriti

Gregory Proctor, associate professor emeritus, taught at The Ohio State University since 1978. He holds theory and composition degrees from Princeton, Queens College-CUNY, and the Mannes College of Music. Before joining the Ohio State faculty he taught at the University of Texas at Austin, Oberlin, and Mannes. He has served as visiting faculty at Yale and Wellesley. Proctor has presented papers at international, national, and regional conferences and published articles and reviews on the subjects of Schenkerian theory, foundations of diatonic tonality, tonal chromaticism, early 20th-century harmony, and computer sound synthesis.

He recently turned to the study of French Baroque recitative and to undergraduate theory pedagogy. Proctor has served on the executive committees of Music Theory Midwest and the Ohio Theory and Composition Teachers Association, the program committees of the Society for Music Theory and the Society of Composers International, and editorial committees for the College Music Society Symposium and Music Theory Online.

  • Princeton University
  • Queens College-CUNY
  • Mannes College of Music