Natalia Moreno Buitrago

Natalia Moreno Buitrago

Natalia Moreno Buitrago

Graduate Associate

Areas of Expertise

  • Music Education
  • Music Psychology
  • Music Evolution


  • MS, Music Mind and Brain — Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom
  • BA, Music Education — Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, Bogotá, Colombia
  • BS, Biology — Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia

Natalia Moreno is a graduate teaching associate in Music Education at The Ohio State University. Natalia comes to Ohio State with a Master of Science degree from Goldsmiths, University of London; a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. During her undergraduate studies, she developed an interest in evolution, particularly focusing on the hypothesis related to the evolution of music. This interest leads her to explore the fields of psychology and neuroscience applied to music. At Goldsmiths, University of London, her research centered on exploring musical interactions between caregivers and infants in home settings. 

Natalia also has experience working as a music theory teacher, as well as a choir and pre-orchestra conductor for children aged 3 to 11. In her previous position, she served as the academic coordinator at an informal music school, which was established as an entrepreneurial venture by graduates of the music department at her undergraduate university.

Natalia’s current research focuses on studying the development of musical behaviors and how they are shaped from infancy, and how these musical behaviors are influenced by culture.

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