Jingbei Li

Graduate Associate
Graduate Associates

Jingbei Li, a second-year doctoral student in piano performance at Ohio State, studies with Professor Steven Glaser. Jingbei earned her master’s degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music under Professor Antonio Pompa-Baldi and Emanuela Friscioni. Before Jingbei came to America, she completed her undergraduate study at the Wuhan Conservatory of Music in China. Jingbei, an active soloist and accompanist, has presented recitals in numerous major cities including Cleveland, Columbus, Montecito, Shanghai and Wuhan. She also gave her Schumann Piano Concerto debut with The Napolinova Youth Orchestra in Todi, Italy. Jingbei was nominated to perform in the School of Music Honors Recital at Weigel Auditorium. She was also invited to and participated in a variety of music festivals and has won top prizes in many piano competitions. As a graduate teaching associate, Jingbei currently instructs both music major and non-major students.

Areas of Expertise
  • Piano and Keyboard Studies