Continuing Education Credit


Those wishing to earn Continuing Education Units (4.5 credits*) for the String Teacher Workshop must fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Complete String Teacher Workshop Registration online and submit payment (procedures are posted to the Registration and Payment Information page). Deadline: THURSDAY, JULY 1, 2021.
  2. View 45 hours of Workshop videos of your choice, including live Q&A sessions.
  3. Complete the CEU attendance form (to be provided by Workshop staff).

* Please note — CEU credits are not equivalent to graduate credit hours. Check with your district to make sure they will accept CEUs for professional development credit.

Payment Procedures

Workshop 2021 Format Requirements

String Teacher Workshop 2021 will be presented in GoogleClassroom. Participants will need to have a personal Gmail account.

If you have already used your Gmail address to register for the Workshop, a GoogleClassroom invite will be sent to that email address. If not, please share your personal Gmail address with us BEFORE JULY 1 so that you can access the GoogleClassroom course.

Email your Gmail address to the workshop administrator at


Workshop Sessions
Workshop Faculty


Email the workshop administrator at

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