Graduate Piano Auditions



MM Piano Performance

35 minutes of solo music representing three different style periods. At least two (2) of your choices should be large-form works.*

DMA Piano Performance

50 minutes of solo music representing at least three (3) different style periods. Three of these choices should be large-form works.* In addition, one (1) etude of virtuosity is required for this audition.

*Examples of Large-Form Solo Works


Preludes and fugues; Bach or Handel keyboard suites; Bach Italian Concerto, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue.


Complete sonatas, Haydn Fantasy, Mozart C Minor Fantasy, larger variations.


Complete sonatas, complete sets of character pieces (for example, Brahms op. 117, 118, 119; Chopin Ballades, Scherzi, Fantasy op. 49; Schumann Kreisleriana), variations.

Nationalism, Post-Romantic

Ginastera Sonatas, Hindemith Sonatas, Scriabin Sonatas, Prokofiev Sonatas, Janacek (On an Overgrown Path).

2nd Viennese School and Beyond

Berg Sonata, Schoenberg, Webern, Boulez Sonata, Sessions.

All music is to be performed from memory. The audition program should demonstrate the applicant’s musical, technical, intellectual, and interpretive abilities. The piano faculty will not consider any applicant until all required application materials (resumé, three recommendations, autobiographical statement, and TOEFL scores where applicable) have been electronically submitted, including all required transcripts (see Graduate Students — How to Apply for details on the submission of materials).

Student Assignment Policy for the School of Music Piano Area

The Ohio State University School of Music desires to assign students their teacher of choice whenever possible, providing that faculty member is willing and has a vacancy in their studio. A teacher preference form will be available at auditions. The area head, in consultation with the piano faculty, will make the teacher assignment for any student who does not state a teacher preference. It is suggested that prospective students familiarize themselves with the faculty by visiting the School of Music website and faculty bios. Students are strongly encouraged to take the initiative and contact faculty with any questions or to arrange individual interviews or lessons before returning the teacher preference form.

Piano Faculty: Steven Glaser and Caroline Hong