Teaching Theory at Ohio State


Graduate Teaching Associates

Students accepted into the MA or PhD program in music theory are frequently supported by an appointment as a graduate teaching associate. Graduate teaching associates in music theory teach one section of music theory and one section of aural training in every semester of their residence. The GTA in music theory allows students to develop their teaching under the close mentorship of a supervising faculty member and discuss pedagogical strategies in weekly instructors’ meetings.
Find more information about graduate associate appointments on the graduate school website. 

Orientations for New Graduate Teaching Associates

New GTAs entering Ohio State are required to take the university-wide teaching orientation sponsored by the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT). 
New and returning GTAs in music theory participate in online summer programming through the Music Theory GTA Online Resource Center. The MTORC is a peer-run repository and training program designed to help support graduate students in both their teaching and research.

Music Theory Pedagogy (MUSIC 8820)

Music Theory Pedagogy is an introduction to the curricular considerations, materials and techniques related to teaching undergraduate-level music theory and aural training. Music Theory Pedagogy supports music theory GTAs and serves graduate students from other areas who wish to develop teaching competency in music theory. This course helps prepare graduate students for negotiating the academic job market and provides a foundation of knowledge and skills future theory teachers may build upon during their first years of professional employment. It is offered every other year.
MUSIC 8820 fulfills the discipline-specific course requirement for the Graduate Specialization in College and University Teaching.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in College and University Teaching

Graduate students in music theory may pursue a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in College and University Teaching. This GIS provides access to additional coursework and mentorship and provides formal recognition of this study on the transcript. 

University Center for the Advancement of Teaching

The University Center for the Advancement of Teaching offers regular programming throughout the year designed to support the work of graduate teaching associates at Ohio State. Visit University Center for the Advancement of Teaching for more information.
For more information on teaching music theory at Ohio State, contact one of our undergraduate curricular coordinators.
Anna Gawboy, coordinator of sophomore theory 
Daniel Shanahan, coordinator of freshmen theory
Ann Stimson, coordinator of aural training