GE Course: Music Cultures of the World

Andean ensemble

Music 2250

Spring Semester 2021 (online)

GE: Visual and Performing Arts and Global Studies (VPA/GS)

Open to non-majors. No previous musical experience required.

Course Description

There is now an unprecedented variety of music available, an astonishing and ever-changing synergy between musical communities across the globe. This course, covering musical cultures outside the Western European tradition of the fine arts, introduces students to selected music cultures from around the world. In doing so, it presents listening experiences that will not only enable a culture specific understanding of non-Western music, but will also help students locate themselves in a rapidly changing and "globalizing" world.

The class focuses on the basic indigenous concepts underlying each tradition, as well as their fundamental musical components and stylistic traits. Students will learn about the culture-specific aesthetics as well as the historical, social and economic backgrounds of music in non-Western societies. They will learn concepts and ideas and engage in listening experiences that will enable a culture-specific understanding of non-Western music.

The Ohio State Andean Ensemble (pictured) is not part of this course. For more information about this ensemble, contact Michelle Wibbelsman.