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Graduate Advising and Forms

Credits, Curricula and Candidacy


Graduate Individual Study Request Form Procedures

  1. Confer with the faculty member directing the individual study and determine the:
    • Semester 
    • Year
    • Course Number (6193 for master’s and 8193 for doctoral)
    • Description of the project 
  2. Discuss with Advisor if this course is to be used as a substitute for another. Notate the substitution on the form. 
  3. Student initiates the Graduate Individual Study Form in Docusign: Graduate Individual Studies Form 
  4. Student will input the email addresses for both the Instructor and the Advisor. In a situation where the Instructor is the Advisor, input that professor’s email address in both requested categories.   
  5. Student will complete their portion of the document. Once finished, the document will automatically be sent to the Instructor and Advisor for signatures. 
  6. Once the form is complete, the student will be notified and will receive a copy of the completed form for their records. Upon completion, the form will be automatically sent to Kurt Phelps, graduate studies coordinator (GSC), at phelps.334@osu.edu
  7. The GSC will forward the completed form to the Graduate School on behalf of the student. The Graduate School will register the student for the class.  

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