Recital Guidelines

Academic Year 2020–2021


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Special note for the 20202021 academic year:

The safety of our community is our top priority. Due to safety restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, certain limitations and protocols will apply to student recitals. Please follow all guidelines and instructions carefully. Watch for this symbol, where policies may be affected.

Students must complete and pass a health check on both the day(s) of their dress rehearsal(s) and recital.

Accompanists and all other performers must complete and pass a health check as well.

Failure to do so OR a failed health check will result in the postponement of the performance.

The daily health check is available through the Ohio State app and is required of all students, faculty and staff each day that they will be on campus.


The student recital is an essential part of every performance and music education degree at the School of Music. Individual degree programs within the School of Music have different requirements, so students are advised to discuss those requirements with their studio instructor.


The recital scheduling process begins in the semester prior to the semester of the recital. All students are advised to begin the process early to ensure that all deadlines can be met in a timely manner.

clip art facemaskSpecial accommodations will be made for students who need to reschedule their Spring 2020 recital which was canceled due to the pandemic. Some of the timelines below will be altered in order to adjust to an autumn semester performance.

Step 1 — Scheduling Instructions and FAQs

Download the PDF icon Recital Scheduling Guide (rev) [pdf] for step-by-step instructions and answers to frequently asked questions. To begin, this Scheduling Guide will inform you of the length of recital and dress rehearsal(s) required for your degree program. You will need to know these requirements in order to move to the next step to request recital dates and times.

clip art facemaskNote that the length of recitals and dress rehearsals are limited due to health and safety regulations. All performances are to be no longer than 45 minutes of performance + 15 minutes for set and sound check. All personnel involved are to spend no more than 60 minutes total in the space.

Step 2 — Download Scheduling Form(s)

Download and print this PDF icon Permission to Schedule Recital form (rev) [pdf].

The form(s) MUST be completed and submitted at least SIX WEEKS before your desired recital date.

Step 3 — Complete and Submit Scheduling Form(s)

  1. Go to the Room Schedule link in the footer of the home page;
  2. Refer to the Hughes Auditorium column to find three potential recital dates/times and record them on the form;
  3. Obtain your instructor's signature once the form is complete. They can use a digital signature.
  4. Email the completed form(s) to the Recital Scheduling Staff at

If you are unable to submit your form(s) electronically, you must email the recital scheduling staff to make alternate arrangements.

Step 4 — Receive Recital Confirmation and Recital Packet for Next Steps

Your preferences will be considered and you will receive email confirmation within 3–5 business days.

Recital Packet and Next Steps

Once your recital is confirmed, you will receive your Recital Packet with the next steps for planning and completing your recital requirements. You will use some of the resources below to complete those steps.

Recital Program Template

Part of the recital preparation process includes preparing your printed program. Refer to the Recital Program Guidelines and Approval form included in the Recital Packet, to create your program. Follow the format found in the instructions. If you need technical assistance, email the program editor.

Stage Crew Needs and Recording Services

Your Recital Packet will detail the requirements and services available for your recital.

Graduate Student Recital Approval Forms

Some graduate recitals (DMA recitals and the MM Concerto Piano Recital) require an additional approval form.

DMA in performance need to complete one DMA Recital Approval Form for each of their 4 major recitals. Email to Ms. Harrah ( after all signatures have been acquired. Download, save and complete the fillable form:

MM in piano must complete the Concerto Piano Recital Approval form for their preliminary recital. Email to Ms. Harrah ( after all signatures have been acquired. Download, save and complete the fillable form:


NEW for 2020–2021

Recital Personnel Tracking

clip art facemaskIn accordance with health and safety protocols, we are required to maintain records of all personnel involved with every event and performance. Your Recital Packet includes a form where you will provide a list of all personnel involved with the performance of your recital. This includes you, your accompanist(s), page turner(s), any collaborators or other performers. It is NOT necessary to list crew members, who will be tracked by production staff. You will submit this form with the rest of your required documents.

Livestream Services — Audience Limitations

clip art facemaskDue to university safety regulations, we are unable to host live audiences during the 20202021 academic year.

The stream will be available on the School of Music YouTube channel. A private link will be sent to you 2–3 weeks in advance, for you to share as you see fit. Only those with the link will be able to view the performance. The performance will be viewable on the channel using the same link even after the live performance date.


Any questions about the scheduling process that are not answered in the Student Recital Guide should be directed to the recital scheduling staff at

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