Brothers in Song Accompanist Endowment —
MGC Director's Highest Priority

The Brothers in Song Accompanist Endowment: 483183 provides resources to ensure that the Men's Glee Club and other Ohio State choirs have a highly qualified accompanist to ensure the groups' musical growth and artistic success. Should the need for salary support of an accompanist cease to exist, the director of the Men's Glee Club may direct the annual distribution towards other priorities. The purpose of this pending endowment is subject to change until the fund is formally approved as an endowment. Prior to formal approval, the pending endowment may be converted to a current-use fund.

Men's Glee Club Fund

The Men's Glee Club Fund: 302100 supports the activities of the Men's Glee Club.

Men's Glee Club Alumni Society Fund

The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club Alumni Society Fund: 645432 was established May 14, 2010 with gifts from The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club Alumni Society, alumni and friends of The Ohio State University Men’s Glee Club. Twenty percent of the annual distribution from this fund shall be reinvested in the endowment principal. The remaining eighty percent of the annual distribution shall be used to provide at least one scholarship annually to students ranked as a sophomore or higher with a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average, who are current active members of The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club with intentions of continuing to participate in the club for the upcoming academic year.

J. Norman Staiger/Ohio State Memorial

The J. Norman Staiger/Ohio State Men's Glee Club Memorial Fund: 606885 was established February 5, 1982 by friends and members of the Men's Glee Club in memory of Mr. Staiger. Income provides a scholarship for talented undergraduates who have successfully completed at least one year in the Men's Glee Club. Recipients will be determined by the established procedures within the School of Music, with final approval by the director of the Men’s Glee Club and the director of the School of Music.

Carmen Ohio Fund

The Carmen Ohio Fund for The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club: 601132 was established June 6, 1997 by David A. and Ann Ward and the Men's Glee Club Alumni Society. Distribution supports and promotes activities of the Men's Glee Club. Unused distribution is reinvested to principal.