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Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 season!

A word "from the podium" with Dr. Ward

(August 2017)

Another academic year begins, and for me, the 14th season at the helm of the MGC. Every day of the past 13 years I have been thankful that the gods of choral music brought me to Ohio State and to this distinguished organization.

The following quote is often attributed to Albert Einstein: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

I am keenly aware that times are changing. Soon the selling of CDs will be obsolete. Social media is changing how we advertise and promote what we do. Academic curricula make it continually more challenging for students to complete a college degree in four years (which has a direct impact on how much time a man can spend in the MGC). The University’s unfunded mandate regarding ensemble travel severely limits our off-campus engagements. And—last but not least—budget cuts require that we re-think how we do business and what we can realistically accomplish.

The MGC Alumni Society reunion weekend (June 2–4, 2017) was a resounding success! Dr. Andrew Crow, MGC alumnus and director of Choral Studies at Ball State University, was our conductor. In addition to the music making and renewal of friendships, MGC Alumni Society President Dana Thacker announced a campaign to raise $1 million dollars over the next three years. Named the "Brothers in Song Endowment" (fund #483183), this campaign seeks to raise funds to ensure that the MGC in particular and the OSU choirs in general have a highly qualified musician at the keyboard. Musicians like Dr. Michael Martin, Matthew Ebright and Casey L. Cook are essential to ensure our musical growth and artistic success. Dana may ask you to serve on the Endowment Campaign Committee. If Dana does not call you please consider contacting him at and asking what you might do to help. And when thinking about donating to the campaign challenge yourself with the following thought: “The goal is not to give until it hurts, but rather to give until it feels good.”

My continued thanks to all MGC members (past, present and future) who contribute their time, energy and good to the betterment of this distinguished organization.


Robert J. Ward
MGC conductor

The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club is a brotherhood that commits itself to excellence through artistry, achievement in academics, and outreach to the community. The Men’s Glee Club has been sharing music with the OSU campus, community and around the world since 1875. They are active throughout the year with fall tailgating before football games, multiple concerts on and off campus and frequent trips both within the U.S. and abroad.


School of Music  |  Robert J. Ward, Director of Choral Studies |
314 Weigel Hall  |  614-292-4622


Did you know...
Over half of the OSU Men's Glee Club are NOT Music majors?
Visit the Audition page for details about scheduling an audition for MGC.

New Officers

Before the end of spring semester 2018, your new MGC Executive Board was elected!

Congratulations to:
Adam Othman, President
Parker Kronen, Vice President of Musicianship

Brighton Hummer, VP of Finance
Mark Gnatowski, VP of Communications
Henry Newberg, VP of Operations

These fine men will help lead us into a new year, and a transformational experience for the Men's Glee Club!

We congratulate MGC members who received 2017 Choral Scholarship Awards:

Steiger Awards: Matthew Kerr, Peter Bradley, Emerson Slicer, Jesse Sykes
MGC Alumni Scholarship: Adam Othman, Brennan Harris
Desalm Fellowship: Parker Kronen
Maria Melnyk Franks Scholarship: Joseph Sipzner, Jacob Panteloukas

Alumni Spotlight

David Hibbard




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