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A word "from the podium" with Dr. Ward

(May 2018)

In the United States we set aside a day in November to offer thanks (it is called Thanksgiving). At Ohio State University we set aside a day in May to offer thanks (we call it graduation). As the 2019 graduation is upon us, I choose to use this edition of From the Podium to offer thanks to many of the individuals who, in 2018-2019, worked to make the MGC successful.

William Ballenger:  For his ongoing support as Director of the School of Music.  

Tim Best:  For his willingness to assume the presidency of the MGC Alumni Society.

Joe Chekanoff:  For his willingness to serve as the VP of the MGC Alumni Society.

Casey Cook:  For her consistent good will and high-level of musicianship.

Zac DelMonte:  For his leadership and expertise with the Statesmen.

Jamie Ferguson:  For his agreeing to continue as Treasurer of the MGC Alumni Society.

Jim Gallagher:  For his ongoing interest in the MGC and his ongoing mentorship of me.

Mark Gnatowski:  For his expertise as the MGC VP-Communications.

Kitter Hash:  An employee at Cardinal Transport who always called to assure me that the buses would arrive at the scheduled time.

Kristina Caswell MacMullen:  For her advice and counsel over the past eight years.

Henry Newberg:  For his dedication and service as MGC VP-Operations for two years.

Adam Othman:  For his dedication and service as MGC president for two years.

Alex Port:  The graduating GTA who made sure I was attending to details.  

Tim Sarsany:  For his willingness to lead rehearsals in preparation for June 21-23, 2019.

Pete Tender:  Who keeps all the MGC accounts balanced and in good order.

Dana Thacker:  For his work as the immediate Past President of the MGC Alumni Society and for his efforts to make the June 2019 MGC Alumni Society Reunion concert a success.

Ben Wadley:  For his willingness to serve as Secretary of the MGC Alumni Society.

Parker Kronen, Michael Rizzoni, Jacob Soles, Brighton Hummer, and Noah Shireman who ran for and accepted leadership roles in MGC for 2019-2020.

Am I missing names? Of course, I am missing names. I could list all the 2019 MGC graduates who gave their time and good will. I could list all MGC Alumni Society Board members. I could list the staff in Weigel Hall who design programs and confirm rehearsal spaces. I could list all the MGC donors. The list is far too long for the space I have been allotted.

The Ohio State Men’s Glee Club is an organization that depends on many people. We contribute what we can in ways that align with our strengths and interests. A bicycle wheel has many spokes and they all lead to the center. The MGC has many parts and they all move toward a center that has kept the MGC vibrant and vital since 1875.


Robert J. Ward
MGC conductor

The Men's Glee Club at Ohio State is a brotherhood that commits itself to excellence through artistry, achievement in academics, and outreach to the community. The Men’s Glee Club has been sharing music with the OSU campus, community and around the world since 1875. They are active throughout the year with fall tailgating before football games, multiple concerts on and off campus and frequent trips both within the U.S. and abroad.


School of Music  |  Robert J. Ward, Director of Choral Studies |
314 Weigel Hall  |  614-292-4622


Did you know...
Over half of the OSU Men's Glee Club are NOT Music majors?
Visit the Audition page for details about scheduling an audition for MGC.

Officers 2019 – 2020

Parker Kronen, President
Jacob Soles, Vice President of Operations

Michael Rizzoni, VP of Communications
Noah Shireman, VP of Musicianship
Brighton Hummer, VP of Finance

The MGC proudly congratulates recipients of the following scholarship awards:

Maria Melnyk Franks Award: Jacob Soles
Richard DeSelm Fellowship: Ryan Adams
MGC Alumni Society Scholarship Fund:
Ryan Adams, John Gudz
J. Norman Staiger Memoral Scholarship:
Henry Newberg, Scott Fasone, Parker Kronen, Brighton Hummer, Mark Gnatowski, Cole Biedenharn

Alumni Spotlight

Scot Helton








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