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Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 season!

A word "from the podium" with Dr. Ward

August 2020

In my world, August 1 marks the end of summer. Time to focus ideas, refine plans, audition new members, and encourage returning members to put to good use their MGC experience and offer to serve as mentors and leaders.

In planning for the 2020–2021 season, the MGC officers and I have been guided, in part, by the following principles of leadership:

  • Strengthening the structure and culture of MGC by putting in place policies and procedures that reassure the membership about their value in securing both the present and developing a vision for the future of MGC.
  • Promoting dialogue that affords all members of the ensemble the opportunity to participate in decisions and adapting to new challenges together.

Members of the MGC Executive Team offer the following:

“While we may not necessarily be singing at tailgates or giving concerts, the Men’s Glee Club can and will provide a musical outlet — anyone who wants to make music can still do so in some form. Hopefully, before long, we’ll again be back in action making music with our brothers face to face.” Jacob Chestnut, Vice President Musicianship

“One reason that I think students should enroll in MGC is that community plays a large role in what we do as an ensemble. This semester will be a great time for strengthening that community. Another reason is that this semester will be a chance for musical ensembles to grow out of their comfort zones and spread into the technological sphere. As the world shifts towards technology, this will be a chance for ensembles to develop and become more fluent - and accessible - in that world. To those who want to be trailblazers and have their voices heard, this can be a great opportunity as we expand and redefine our abilities.” Jarrod Hay, Vice PresidentOperations

“While we may not be able to fill the full capacity of a musical ensemble this year, the Men’s Glee Club is still a great way to diversify and broaden the circle of people with whom we interact. Joining a group like the Men’s Glee Club continues to be an amazing way to meet and connect with people outside of your academic circle.” Alex Hoet, Vice President – Finance

“Men's Glee Club has truly been the highlight of my college experience. It's a tight-knit community that has provided me many of my closest friends. In addition, it has afforded me opportunities to improve as a musician and to develop my leadership skills. If you're looking to keep singing in college, want a way to make new friends, and want to grow as a person and a leader, MGC is the club for you.” Christopher Wright, MGC President

In 1978 a prominent American conductor looked into my eyes and said, “Do not be deflected from your course.” Forty-two years hence, it is my turn to offer those encouraging words. COVID-19 will not deflect the Men’s Glee Club from its course. We will adjust, we will adapt, and we will envision a new future.


Robert J. Ward
MGC conductor

The Men's Glee Club at Ohio State is a brotherhood that commits itself to excellence through artistry, achievement in academics, and outreach to the community. The Men’s Glee Club has been sharing music with the OSU campus, community and around the world since 1875. They are active throughout the year with fall tailgating before football games, multiple concerts on and off campus and frequent trips both within the U.S. and abroad.


School of Music  |  Robert J. Ward, Director of Choral Studies |
314 Weigel Hall  |  614-292-4622


Did you know...
Over half of the OSU Men's Glee Club are NOT Music majors?
Visit the Audition page for details about scheduling an audition for MGC.

Officers 2020 – 2021

Christopher Wright, President
Jarrod Hay, Vice President of Operations

Spencer Wainfor, VP of Communications
Jacob Chestnut, VP of Musicianship
Alex Hoet, VP of Finance

The MGC proudly congratulates recipients of the following 2020 scholarship awards:

Louis H. Diercks Choral Award: Noah Shireman
MGC Alumni Society Scholarship Fund:
David Scott, Kevin Baum
J. Norman Staiger Memoral Scholarship:
Tyler Osborne, Casey Wood, Jarrod Hay, Indigo London, Grayson Abend, Chris Wright

The MGC proudly congratulates recipients of the following 2020 Banquet awards:

Making It Better Award: Casey L. Cook
Most Improved Award: Noah Shireman
Conductor's Prize: Parker Kronen
Gallagher Spirit Award: Wesley Henkel

Alumni Spotlight

Jamie Ferguson








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