Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in College and University Teaching

This specialization is open to any graduate student in the School of Music who is considering a career in college or university teaching. It may be particularly beneficial for students who wish to develop competency in a secondary teaching area or for those who intend to pursue employment at teaching-focused institutions.

Curriculum for School of Music graduate students

I.   Required Core Teaching Course in Educational Studies:

ES 7404: College Teaching (3 credits)

II.  Required Discipline-Based Course in Home Department:

MUSIC 8820 Music Theory Pedagogy (2 credits)

Other education or pedagogy courses offered by the School of Music may also meet this requirement.

III. Mentored Teaching Experience: MUSIC 6193 or MUSIC 8193: Independent Study (2 credits)

Graduate Teaching Associates often take this independent study with their faculty supervisor in their own area, but it could also be used to gain experience in a teaching area outside the GTA appointment through a mentored teaching experience

IV. Elective courses (3–6 credits in at least two courses)

Electives may be selected from the Master List of Approved Courses or other appropriate courses from the Graduate School and other units approved by UCAT.

Additional information:


For general inquiries or to apply, contact Alisa D. Tate
For music-specific inquiries, contact Anna Gawboy