Music Books


Recommended Book List

Compiled by Katherine Borst Jones, June 2006

  • Casals, Pablo. Joys and Sorrows.
  • Cather, Willa: The Song of the Lark. Houghton Mifflin. 1915.
    - "In the Cather tradition, a strong, memorable heroine emerges - one who struggles to escape the conventional world into which she was born. As Thea Kronberg's artistic life becomes richer, her personal life becomes paler and the reader is caught up in the efforts of a young woman of great strength and hope to carve a life that affirms her positive spirit."
  • Copland, Aaron. What to Listen for in Music. McGraw-Hill, 1988.
  • Copland, Aaron. Music and Imagination. Harvard University Press, 1952.
  • Davenport, Marcia. Mozart. Avon, 1979.
    - "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: the man and the musician. Rich in period detail, it re-creates the man and his music against the background of the world he lived in."
    - "A vivid and convincing portrait of the child-prodigy who developed into the mangenius... it brings a great man to life."
    - "A 'must' for 1991."
  • Graffman, Gary. I Really Should Be Practicing. Avon, 1981.
    - "Reflections on the pleasures and perils of playing the piano in public."
  • Hanff, Helene. 84, Charing Cross Road. Avon, 1970.
  • Hanff, Helene. The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. Avon, 1973.
    - "A charming, colorful, piquant work for bookmen, travelers, anglophiles, lovers of the anecdotes, and all those who think this world has become impersonl and cold."
  • Salerno-Sonnenberg, Nadja. Nadja on My Way. Crown Publishers, 1989.
    - "The famous young violinist describes her life in an autobiography with reflections on music, performance, careers, technique and teaching."
  • Stewart, M. Dee. Jacobs, Aarnold, the Legacy of a Master. The Instrumentalist, 1987.
    - "The personal and pedagogical recollections of thirty-one of his colleagues, students, and friends."
    - "The 'Doctor of Brass Playing', tubaist of the Chicago Symphony, and breathing expert.
  • Mullins, Shirley. Teaching Music, the Human Experience. 1985.
    - "... is the culmination of 25 years' of teaching experience. Using actual classroom experiences , she 'tells it like it is,' removing these common problems from the abstract and focusing on reality. The message is positive, practical ,and upbeat."
  • Sills, Beverly. Bubbles. Warner, 1976.
    - "A self portrait by one of the greatest singers ever."