Orchestra for Non-Majors

and for Music Majors playing a Secondary Instrument

(Auditions are NOT required)

The School of Music currently offers the Ohio State University Community Orchestra for non-music majors and other university associates who are interested in furthering their musical development, as well as making new friends and experiencing the artistry of performing in a collegiate ensemble.

Auditions for membership are not required; information about optional auditions for principal seating will be provided at the first rehearsal of the semester.

First-Year Undergraduate String Orchestra is not offered during the academic year 2019–2020. This orchestra (FYUSO) is a string chamber ensemble for first-year non-music majors who have played violin, viola, cello or bass in high school and are enrolled at The Ohio State University.

Ohio State University Community Orchestra

The Ohio State University Community Orchestra (OSUCO) is open to the Ohio State community including students, faculty, staff and alumni. Previous playing experience on your instrument is required. All orchestral instruments are welcome.

Additionally, music majors may enroll in the orchestra on a secondary instrument.


Each term, all members of this ensemble must enroll to be eligible to play. Members of the orchestra receive a grade based on participation and performances. 

  • Course Title: Small Ensemble: Miscellaneous
  • Undergraduate Course Number: MUSIC 2208.99, section 010 (.05–1 credit)
    • Class number: 21272 (autumn 2019)
  • Graduate Course Number: MUSIC 7208.99, section 191 (1 credit)
    • Class Number: 21319 (autumn 2019)

ATTENTION! Ohio State faculty/staff and community members interested in joining the orchestra should contact the Office of Distance Education and eLearning for Extended Education enrollment information.


The orchestra meets all year and generally performs one concert each semester.

Auditions for membership in this orchestra are not required. Auditions will be held for members wishing to fill principal positions; information regarding audition requirements and times will be distributed at the first rehearsal of each semester.

For more information, please contact the instructor, April Whyte.