Travel Procedures

Request Form

In order to obtain a travel number (T-number), the traveler needs to submit the travel request form to Savenda Fulton before his/her trip. The university will not reimburse any travel expenses without a T-number.

School of Music Flight and Hotel Request Form

This form should be completed when a traveler wants a flight and/or hotel request room booked by Savenda Fulton. Please note that this form is for campus-area hotels only.

Travel Reimbursement

After a trip is completed, a traveler must turn in appropriate receipts to Katie Reed. Please note that receipts must be original, itemized, and show a method of payment (cash, credit card, or check). Meals will be reimbursed based on the destination city’s federal per diem rate. The Travel Reimbursement Form is not required, but can be helpful when organizing receipts.

Mileage Log

This form is used to track mileage when several trips are associated with one T-number (i.e. student teacher observations). Mileage is reimbursed based on the federal government’s mileage rate. The travel mileage log sheet must be submitted with a travel request form.

University Travel Policy

It is the responsibility of the traveler to be familiar with university travel policy. If university travel policy is not followed, it may result in the denial of a travel request or reimbursement. If you have any questions about university travel policy, please contact Savenda Fulton.

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