Workshop Sessions 2020

Topics and Presenters

  • 21st Century Orchestra, Bob Gillespie and Cory Zilisch
  • Beginning Bass Technique, Doug Wright
  • Beginning Cello Technique, Julie Ellis
  • Beginning Violin and Viola Technique, Bob Gillespie
  • Best Practices for Studying Scores, Mark Laycock
  • Best Practices: Teaching Students to Tune their Instruments in Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced School Orchestra, Christopher Selby
  • Brian's Favorites from FJH, Brian Balmages
  • Choosing the Best Literature for your Program, Bob Gillespie
  • Coaching Chamber Music, Deborah Price
  • Conducting Master Classes, Mark Laycock
  • Connecting and Re-connecting with Your Students, Brian Cole
  • Deborah's Favorites from Kjos and Kendor, Deborah Baker Monday
  • Designing Effective Warm-Ups for Immediate Plans and Long-Term Goals, Christopher Selby
  • English Language Learners in the Orchestra Class, Renee Wang
  • Establishing and Maintaining a Class Routine, Julie Ellis and Renee Wang
  • High School: Best Practices, Charles Laux, Matt Radspinner and Soo Han
  • Improvisation: Bob Gillespie and Tanner Otto
  • Improvisation Made Easy: Mark Wood
  • Instrument Repair, Baroque Violin Shop
  • Intermediate Bass Technique, Doug Wright
  • Intermediate Cello Technique, Julie Ellis
  • Intermediate Violin and Viola, Bob Gillespie
  • Intonation, Bob Gillespie
  • Life 101 for the School Orchestra Teacher, Brian Cole
  • Music from Hal Leonard, Bob Gillespie
  • Non-String Player Pedagogy, Matt Radspinner
  • Stringercise, Barry Green and Bob Gillespie
  • Teaching Children How to Count When Reading Rhythms: Importance and How-To, Christopher Selby
  • Teaching Strings in the Urban Schools, Karen Koger
  • Technology, Erin Broadhurst
  • The Music of Brian Balmages, Brian Balmages
  • The Music of Deborah Baker Monday, Deborah Baker Monday
  • Working with Full Orchestra, Soo Han

Workshop 2020 Format Requirements

String Teacher Workshop 2020 will be presented in Google Classroom. Participants will need to have a personal Gmail account.

If you have already used your Gmail address to register for the Workshop, a Google Classroom invite will be sent to that email address. If not, please share your personal Gmail address with us BEFORE July 1 so that you can access the Google Classroom course.

Email your Gmail address to the workshop administrator at


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