Workshop Laboratories


Participation in Credit Laboratories

Six Elective Credit Laboratories are offered in 2019. If you wish to enroll in one of them, please read all details following this list.

  • Classroom Management
  • Conducting
  • Coaching Chamber Music
  • Improvisation
  • Technology
  • Vibrato

Those wishing to earn graduate credit or CEU credit for the String Teacher Workshop must fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Attend all Workshop sessions.
  2. Attend all sessions of the Elective Credit Lab of your choice.
  3. Write a 2-page paper * due Friday morning of the workshop, summarizing ideas presented that you would like to practically implement in your teaching job. Choose one session to attend when there are multiple sessions offered at the same time.

* Email your final paper to the workshop administrator at You may also print your paper and turn it in Friday.


  • Descriptions of the Workshop laboratories
  • Credits

Daily Schedule

The detailed schedule is available for download at the String Teacher Workshop page.