String Teacher Workshop Virtual Sessions


Presenters and Topics

2022 Virtual Sessions

Stephen Benham

  • Creating a Place for Special Learners
  • The new, updated ASTA Curriculum for Teaching Strings in the Schools
  • How Do I Count It? Teaching Rhythm and Counting
  • Playing the Right Rhythms at the Right Time

Erin Broadhurst, Sara Given, Chris Lape

  • It’s All Fun and Games! Creative Strategies to Motivate Your Students

Brian Cole

  • Advocacy and Community Engagement
  • Connecting and Reconnecting with Students
  • Rebuilding your program after COVID

Sandra Dackow

  • Rehearsing Winds and Percussion in a Full Orchestra
  • The Best Rep for Full Orchestra

Frank Diaz

  • Encouraging and Fostering Diversity
  • Maintaining Personal Wellness – Frank Diaz

Bob Gillespie

  • Is What You Do Important? The Importance of Being A School String Educator
  • Double Bass Playing: Quick Fixes
  • Cello Playing: Quick Fixes
  • Violin and Viola Playing – Quick Fixes to the Most Common Problems
  • Beginning and Intermediate Violin/Viola Pedagogy

Matt Kinnear

  • Video Editing – Making your Students Look and Sound the Best

Scott Laird

  • Finger Patterns for the High-end Player
  • Making it a Habit: Transferring Playing Skills from One Piece to Another

David Pope

  • Teaching in Title 1 Schools

Anna Radspinner

  • Creating a Play-Along Video

Mark Sholl

  • Working WITH Your Administration

James Weaver

  • Copyright Compliance

Mark Wood

  • Improvisation Made Easy
  • Vision for the Future of Strings

Cory Zilisch

  • 21st Century Orchestra
  • Building an Electric Orchestra
  • The Next Generation of Composers

Sessions Recorded Live at the 2021 Workshop

Sarah Black Ball

  • Motivating Today’s Kids: How They are Wired and How to Re-Wire Them!
  • All Things Middle School: Best Practices (Survival Techniques for Students and Teachers)

JulieAnn Bernard

  • Students Owning the Orchestra: Getting Them to But In

JulieAnn Bernard, Charles Laux, Matt Radspinner

  • Making Your High School a Complete Program

Brian Cole

  • Developing Community Support to Advocate and Defend Your School Orchestra Program
  • Making It All About the Kids: Student-Centered String Teaching
  • Remaining Positive in the Midst of Adversity: String Teaching in the Schools

Frank Diaz

  • Using Chamber Music Approaches to Teach Expressivity, Creativity, and Independent Musicianship in Orchestras

Erica Donahoe and Tanner Otto

  • Breaking Into Publishing

Bob Gillespie

  • Hal Leonard Reading Session
  • How Can I Help Myself Be the Best Teacher I Can Be? Reflection, Self-Evaluation, Checkpoints, Wisdom, and Strategies

Bob Phillips

  • Warm-Ups That Develop Outstanding Orchestras and Materials to Help: String and Full Orchestra

David Pope

  • Strategies and Resources for Selecting the Perfect Piece

Megan Wetzel

  • Stanton’s Sheet Music, New Published Music Reading Session

+ My Favorite Orchestra — Participant favorites!

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