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2021 Presenters and Topics

Baroque Violin Shop
• Instrument Repair Sessions

Stephen Benham
• Creating an Exceptional Place for Special Learners in Your String Class
• The Roadmap for Your Program: The Updated 2021 ASTA String Curriculum

Erin Broadhurst
• Technology and App Showcases

Erin Broadhurst, Sara Given, Chris Lape
• It’s All Fun and Games! Creative Strategies to Motivate Your Students

Brian Cole
• Empowering Your Program: Advocacy and Community Engagement
• Pandemic Recovery: Rebuilding Your Orchestra Program

Sandra Dackow
• Best Practices: Rehearsing Winds and Percussion in a Full Orchestra
• The Best Rep for Full Orchestras in the Schools

Susan Day
• Music by Susan Day
• Susan's Latest Favorites

Frank Diaz
• Values and Best Practices for Encouraging and Fostering Diversity in the School Orchestra
• Values and Best Practices for Maintaining Personal Wellness in the life of a String Teacher

Bob Gillespie
• Beginning and Intermediate Violin/Viola Technique
• Is What You Do as a String Educator Important for the World?
• Pedagogical Remedies for Fixing Students’ Common Playing Problems

Kathryn Griesinger
• Music by Kathryn Griesinger
• Kathryn's Latest Favorites

Matt Hawley
• Beginning and Intermediate Cello Technique

Matt Kinnear
• Where to Clip? Hands-On Video Editing Lab

Scott Laird
• Advanced Orchestras: Finger Patterns for the High-End Player
• Making it a Habit: Transferring Playing Skills from One Piece to Another

Charles Laux
• Bridging the Connection: Bringing COVID Technology into the Live Orchestra Class
• From the Rehearsal to Home Practice: Tips and Strategies

Charles Laux, Matt Radspinner, Christopher Selby
• The Advanced High School Program: The Unique Value, Purpose and Place

Mark Laycock
• All In: What They Didn't Teach Me in Conducting Class
• Conducting Tune-Up: Review, Reinforce and Refine Basic Technique
• Private Conducting Lessons

Rebecca MacLeod
• Culturally Responsive Teaching
• Turn Your Camera On! Teaching Strings Online

Tanner Otto
• Tracks and Loops: Creating Step-by-Step
• Teachers and students as recording engineers! Step-by-Step

Bob Phillips
• Getting it Done: The Art of Teaching a LARGE Heterogenous String Class
• In it to Win it: Avoiding Burnout and Enjoying a Lifetime of Teaching
• A Reading Session: Bob’s Favorites by Bob!

Bob Phillips, Brian Cole, Anna Radspinner, James Weaver
• Experts in Recruiting and Retention: How to Get it Done

David Pope
• Successfully Creating and Teaching School Orchestras in Title 1 Schools

David Pope, James Mick
• The Next Best Music Resource: Teaching Music Through Performance in Orchestra, Volume 4”

Debbie Price
• Chamber Music Classes: Values, How to Coach, Rep, and All the Rest!

Anna Radspinner
• User-Friendly: Creating a Play-Along Video

Anna Radspinner, Matt Radspinner
• Moving a Good Orchestra Program to the Next Level

Matt Radspinner
• Beginning and Intermediate Bass Technique
• Sessions for the Non-String Player

Christopher Selby
• Choosing and Rehearsing the Best Concert Music to Achieve Musical Artistry

Mark Sholl
• Best Practices for Working WITH Your Administration
• Going for the Money: Fundraising

Renee Wang
• Hey, QUIT PLUCKING! Classroom Management Tips and Strategies for the String Teacher.

James Weaver
• Being Able to Sleep at Night: Copyright Compliance

Blair Williams
• Making the Life for the Violist in the School Orchestra Program
• Preparing the Next Generation of Successful String Teachers: Building College and Career Readiness in String Students as Young as Middle School!

Mark Wood
• A Vision for the Future of Strings in America

Doug Wright
• Beginning and Intermediate Bass Technique

John-Rine Zabanal, Chris Lape
• Sharp? Flat? In-Tune? Teaching Students to Tune Independently

Cory Zilisch
• Building and Creating the 21st-Century Orchestra: Technology, Music and Step-by-Step
• Empowering the Next Generation of School Orchestra Composers: Motivation, Technology and Student Support

The Loft
• Advice from The Loft: No Strings Attached

Publisher Reading Sessions

• Alfred Music
• Excelcia Music
• Hal Leonard

+ My Favorite Orchestra — Participant favorites!

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