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String Teacher Workshop In-Person Sessions

2023 Presenters and Topics

Instruments will be available to check out for daily use.

Detailed daily schedule (rev. June 25) [pdf]

Jeremy Bartel, Baroque Violin Shop

  • Instrument Repair Sessions

Erin Broadhurst

Miriam Burns

Becky Bush

  • Teaching Beginners: Getting Them Started Right with Best Practices
  • Working As A TEAM with Colleagues to Move the Program Forward

Brian Cole

  • It’s All About the Kids: Building Character in Students Through the Orchestra Program
  • It’s All About the Kids: Creating Positive Connections with Your Students that Can Last a Lifetime

Maureen Driscoll, Stanton's Sheet Music

  • Stanton's Reading Session

Bob Gillespie

  • Beginning and Intermediate Violin/Viola
  • Creating Effective Warm-Ups Laboratory (Elective Credit Laboratory)
  • Hal Leonard Reading Session
  • How to Become the Best Leader for Your Program
  • Teaching Improvisation: Classical, Practical Approaches

Matthew Hawley

  • Beginning and Intermediate Cello

Kathleen Horvath

  • Integrating Best Practices for Healthy Music-Makin in Your Rehearsal/Practice Sessions
  • Introduction to Body Mechanics for Musicians: Understanding Physical Technique

Katie O'Hara LaBrie

  • Introducing Randall Standridge Music
  • The Music of Katie O'Hara LaBrie

Tim Lautzenheiser

  • Building a Culture of Excellence
  • Music Educators: Shepherding Tomorrow's Leaders to Artistry

Charles Laux

  • Assessment Practices for the 21st Century Students    
  • Essential Elements Interactive
  • Winning Students Over When You Are the New Teacher

The Loft Violin Shop

  • Instrument Fleet Maintenance

Robert Longfield

  • Robert Longfield's Favorites
  • The Music of Robert Longfield

Shelby Montgomery

  • Divided by Section, United in Harmony: How to Make Your Class a Community
  • Rockin' Your Orchestra: Expanding Your School Orchestra Through Music Your Students Bring to the Program

Jim Palmer

  • All About High School
  • Wisdom: Reflections on What I have Learned to Do as a String Teacher — What Works and What Does Not

Debbie Price

  • Chamber Music Laboratory (Elective Credit Laboratory)
  • The Values of Chamber Music and Creating a Thriving Program for Students and Your Local Community

Anna Radspinner

  • Teaching Second-Year Students: How and What to Teach Best Practices
  • The First Three Years: Creative Ways to Motivate Students and Buy In for the Long Haul

Doug Wright and Matt Radspinner

  • Beginning and Intermediate Bass


[pdf] — This page contains a link to a PDF file that requires Adobe Reader. If you need it in a more accessible format, contact us.

String Teacher Workshop