String Teacher Workshop In-Person Sessions


2022 Presenters and Topics

Brian Balmages    

  • Reading Session: The Music of Brian Balmages
  • Reading Session: Brian's Favorites from FJH    

Jeremy Bartel

  • Instrument Repair Sessions
  • Funding and Selecting Instruments for use in your Orchestral Program    

JulieAnn Bernard

  • Students Owning the Orchestra: Getting Them to Buy In
  • Making Your High School a Complete Program    

Lauren Bernofsky

  • Reading Session: Music of Lauren Bernofsky
  • Reading Session: Lauren's Favorites    

Chris Bernotas

  • Reading Session: Alfred New Music
  • Reading Session: Editor's Picks from the Alfred Music Library    

Sarah Black Ball

  • All Things Middle School: Best Practices (Survival Techniques for Teachers and Students)
  • Working With Beginners: Best Practices
  • Motivating Today's Kids: How They are Wired and How to Re-wire Them!    

Erin Broadhurst    

  • Technology Lab

Brian Cole

  • Remaining Positive in the Midst of Adversity: String Teaching in the Schools
  • Developing Community Support to Advocate and Defend Your School Orchestra Program
  • Making It All About the Kids: Student-Centered String Teaching    

Frank Diaz

  • Teaching Improvisation in the Orchestra Classroom
  • Using Chamber Music Approaches to Teach Expressivity, Creativity and Independent Musicianship in Orchestras    

Erica Donahoe and Tanner Otto

  • Breaking into Publishing

Doug Droste    

  • Conducting Lab
  • Conducting Your Way Out of a Paper Bag    

Bob GIllespie

  • Secondary Violin/Viola Sessions
  • Rehearsal Strategies Lab
  • There is Never Enough Time! Music Rehearsal Strategies that Work Best!
  • How Can I Help Myself Be the Best Teacher I Can Be? Reflection, Self-Evaluation, Check Points, Wisdom, and Strategies

Karen Koger

  • Secondary Cello Sessions    

Brandon Hoff

  • How to Help Your Students Play Today's Music That They are Listening To  

Kathleen Horvath

  • All Things Muscle: Using Your Body Wisely When Playing and Teaching Strings    

Scott A. Jones

  • A New Partner (and approach) to Rhythm Pedagogy: "Introducing Émile!"
  • Thoughtfully Integrating Émile into your Teaching    

Charles Laux

  • Audio Recording in the Classroom, Studio and Concert Hall
  • Essential Elements Interactive
  • Making Your High School a Complete Program

Bob Phillips

  • Recruiting, Retention and Rebuilding Post-Pandemic
  • Warm-Ups That Develop Outstanding Orchestras: String and Full Orchestra
  • Tunes That Teach Technique: The Power/Flexibility of Unison Tunes

David Pope

  • Strategies and Resources for Selecting the Perfect Piece
  • Teaching Orchestra in Urban Schools    

Debbie Price

  • Chamber Music Lab    

Matt Radspinner

  • Non-String Player Sessions
  • Making Your High School a Complete Program (2 sessions)    

Walt Straiton

  • Strolling Strings- A Pathway To Personal and Musical Development (and the ULITMATE advocacy tool!)
  • Music First    

Renee Wang

  • Classroom Management    

James Weaver

  • Music Program Advocacy at the Local Levels
  • The New Music Teacher: Tips for Surviving and Thriving
  • Next Level: Moving Your Program from Average to Outstanding    

Meagan Wetzel

  • Stanton's Reading Sessions    

Doug Wright

  • Secondary Bass Sessions

Publisher Reading Session

• Hal Leonard

+ My Favorite Orchestra — Participant favorites!

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