Graduate Course Registration

Summer Session 2018

Course: Music 7754, Class number 19566

Midwest Summer String Teachers Seminar (2 graduate credits)
Summer Term 2018, 4-Week Session 3  •  Course dates July 227, 2018

For easier access to the instructions on this web page, download the print-friendly PDF icon Graduate Course Registration, summer 2018 [pdf].

Course Registration Procedures

All students will be enrolled in the Graduate School (new students will be admitted as "non-degree status"). Students must register online using the Contractual Outreach registration form. Please follow all instructions listed below.

1.  All students: complete the Contractual Outreach Course Service registration form at Submit the registration form as soon as possible, but no later than FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2018.

a. Read and follow all registration requirements and instructions.
b. For Q12 indicate “MUSIC” under “Department Name,” 7754 for “Course #” and 19566 for “Class Number.” This course is worth two (2) Graduate Credit hours on the semester system.
c. Contact Corinna Owens at if you have problems accessing the online form.
d. Please Note: Enrollment may not be processed until after the registration deadline listed above.

2.  Activation at the University: Once the Office of Distance Education and eLearning receives your registration form, the required next steps will be sent via email. Next steps must be submitted by and must be completed in their entirety by FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018, for Summer Term admissions.

3.  Acceptance of Admission: Once admitted, you must log in to your Applicant Center to:

  • Accept or decline your offer of admission by clicking the Accept/Decline link on the main page.
  • Verify/update your contact information.

Please note: As a condition of enrollment, all admitted applicants are required to answer a question regarding felony history prior to accepting admission. An answer of "yes" to this question does not preclude enrollment, but you will be asked to provide additional information. Learn more about disclosing a prior or pending felony.

4.  Ohio State Internet Username and E-Mail Account Activation: All Ohio State students should activate their OSU Internet Username and E-mail account.  Activation is usually available 48 hours after you have been admitted. Students can activate their account at Please note that your lastname.# is needed to activate your account. Your lastname.# is provided by the OCIO (Office of the Chief Information Officer) after you are admitted to the university. You also can obtain your lastname.# by contacting your Ohio State enrollment unit and/or the Contractual Outreach registration coordinator, Corinna Owens at  

Please call (614) 688-HELP (4357) for assistance. Additional information about OSU account management is available at

Former OSU students should wait at least 48 hours after their enrollment has been updated before attempting to re-activate their account.

5.  Drop Requests: Drop requests must be received by FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2018, to drop a course without receiving a “W” on one’s record and to drop without requiring the support of a petition.

6.  Enrollment Verification: About a week before classes begin, students should verify that they are correctly enrolled and that there are no incorrect fees appearing on their fee accounts. Students should check their enrollment under “My Student Center” which can be accessed through “Buckeye Link” on the Ohio State homepage, Please note that students must activate their Ohio State email account and internet username (refer to #4 above), as well as BuckeyePass for “My Student Center” access.

7.  Student Fee Accounts: Fees for contract courses are processed as a group and are not posted to student fee accounts in the same manner as regular course enrollment but will appear as PAID status on the student database.  

8.  Name Change: If you were previously enrolled at Ohio State and your name has changed since your last enrollment at Ohio State, and you want your current name listed on your student record, you will need to complete the "Request for Change of Records" at the Registrar's website.
9.  Health Insurance: It is important that you have coverage for unexpected medical care during the time you are enrolled in your contract course. International registrants are required to have at least $50,000 of medical benefits per accident or illness or be fully sponsored by their government. Please contact the Student Health Insurance Office at 614-688-7979 for information if you need short-term health insurance coverage while you are in the Columbus area. Note that enrollment in contract courses is exempt from Ohio State Student Health Insurance coverage. Additional information may be found on their website at

10. Vaccination Requirement: It is important to familiarize yourself with Ohio State’s vaccination requirements, effective Autumn 2015. Information on each of the three components can be found at

To note, Component A will only apply to those:
• who are new to The Ohio State University
• who are taking at least one face-to-face class
• at the Columbus campus
• and are enrolled half-time or greater (4 graduate credit hours, 6 undergraduate credit hours).

For questions on the Vaccination Requirement or its components, please email or call the Health Information Services department at 614-292-0118.

11. Registration Cancellation: Your registration will be cancelled if you do not submit all applicable registration materials and information (e.g. registration form, proof of degree, English proficiency, etc.) by FRIDAY, JUNE 8. If you wish to cancel your registration for this course, please notify Corinna Owens at

12. Holds on Record: Your registration will be cancelled if you were previously enrolled at Ohio State and there is a “Hold” on your student record and you do not have the Hold cleared before enrollment processing. Please refer to your “My Student Center” on Buckeye Link for the department to contact regarding your Hold.


Official/final grades usually are not available until after the designated semester of enrollment has ended. Ohio State does not mail grades to students. Grades can be viewed online through the “Buckeye Link” on the Ohio State home page, OSU internet access must be activated to view grades online (refer to activation instructions/information above).

Transcripts: Information for ordering transcripts is available on the University Registrar’s website at or by calling Buckeye Link at 614-292-0300 (toll free: 1-800-678-6440).

Please be aware that you will be unable to order your transcript with a Financial Responsibility Statement hold on your account.


The Office of Distance Education and eLearning, Student Services and Enrollment, will submit the course registrations to the Graduate School for processing; students do not enroll themselves for this course/section. ODEE CONTACT: Corinna Owens at

To ALL Graduate Credit Registrants

In addition to registering for graduate academic credit for the String Teacher Workshop, you must also submit an online String Teacher Workshop Registration if you have not already done so.

Please direct all questions to the String Teacher Workshop administrator (


The link to the [pdf] document on the page requires Adobe Reader. If you need this document in a more accessible format contact us.