Double Reed Honors Invitational

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Weigel Auditorium

Message from Professors Karen Pierson and Robert Sorton to Double Reed Students, Parents and Evaluators:

Thank you for your interest in the Annual Double Reed Honors Invitational at The Ohio State University School of Music. This special invitational event, which is unique to Ohio State, is a favorite of double reed students and teachers throughout the state.

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Double Reed Honors Invitational Program Overview

Experienced bassoonists and oboists in grades 9–12 are selected to attend this valuable experience in double reed performance and instruction. Participants will work with Ohio State faculty and students in intense double reed choir rehearsals, culminating in a recording session.

Students are selected to attend based on both an online application and a separate online evaluation from a private instructor or band director. This event is not recommended for beginning players.

Program fee: $35; includes instruction, lunch, T-shirt and an mp3 recording.

Application Information

The application process for the Double Reed Honors Invitational consists of several steps:

1. Student completes an online application form below. Student provides name and email address of a private instructor or school ensemble director to assess their musicianship. This individual receives email notification (1) that the student requests their assessment, and (2) is provided a link to the evaluation form.

Student Application

2. Friday, March 1: Deadline for student applications to be submitted online.

3. Wednesday, March 6: Deadline for evaluations to be submitted online via the link contained in notification email. Evaluators may contact the DRHI registrar at for questions regarding the evaluation form.

3. Friday, March 8: Applicants will be notified of their application status via email.

For Accepted Students

Students who have received notification of acceptance to the Double Reed Honors Invitational must complete and submit the following items by Monday, March 18, 2019 in order to participate in the event.

A. Payment of program fee ($35). Payment must be made online or received at the School of Music by Monday, March 18, 2019. Those paying online will receive an email confirmation within moments of submitting payment. Those who mail payment by check (made payable to "The Ohio State University") will receive email confirmation within 5 business days. 

Pay online with a credit card or mail a check to:

The Ohio State University School of Music
ATTN: Double Reed Honors Invitational Registrar
110 Weigel Hall
1866 College Rd.
Columbus, OH 43210

B. Required paperwork. Parents or guardians are required to print out, complete, sign and submit the two forms below. Mail the completed and signed forms to the address above, or scan and email them to the DRHI registrar at The forms must be submitted no later than Monday, March 18, 2019.


At the DRHI, 8 to 11 pieces for double reed choir will be rehearsed and recorded. PDF files of the repertoire will be emailed to participants approximately two weeks before the event. When students receive the parts, they should look over them carefully and prepare the music to the best of their skill level and abilities. Professors Pierson and Sorton will make final decisions regarding who will play which part the morning of the event. Make sure to print, practice and bring the sheet music the day of the event!


Students will check in for the day from 9:30 – 10 a.m. in the Weigel Lobby. Weigel Hall is located at 1866 College Rd., Columbus, OH 43210. Convenient parking is available at the Ohio Union South Garage, located one block south of Weigel Hall and accessible from both High Street and College Road. Find more information at Visit Us.


Lunch is provided for all participants. If you have an allergy or other medical condition, please contact the DRHI registrar at so that other arrangements can be made.

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