Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate music education program at The Ohio State University School of Music is tailored to the needs of outstanding musicians who are considering a career as a school music teacher. The program is built on the strong musical foundation that the School of Music provides: private lessons, participation in ensembles, music theory and history, aural training and more. For the music teaching specialist, more classes are offered in conducting, in-depth study of instrumental and/or vocal teaching methods, the best repertoire for school ensembles, and preparation for life as a music teacher. The program culminates with student teaching, which is usually done in one of the many excellent music programs in the Columbus area which offers urban, rural and suburban in-school experiences just minutes from campus.

Student teaching, however, is not the only time that Ohio State music education students are placed in a school environment. Ohio State has a series of programs that place students in observation and teaching roles in schools throughout the degree program. The Early Field Experience, structured observation and tutoring, supervised field experience and finally student teaching ensure that students are able to take what they are learning on campus and apply it directly in a "real-world" setting.

The Bachelor of Music Education degree leads to an initial teaching license in the State of Ohio, enabling you to work as a music teacher in any setting from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. Ohio is a part of the Interstate Agreement with many other states so that you can be employed almost anywhere. For the last many years, 100% of Ohio State BME graduates seeking a teaching job got one.

Ohio State academic programs are designed to prepare students to sit for applicable licensure or certification in Ohio. If you plan to pursue licensure or certification in a state other than Ohio, please review state educational requirements for licensure and certification, and state licensing board contact information at go.osu.edu/onground.

Consider Ohio State for your Music Education Degree

We are thrilled that you are considering Ohio State for your music education degree. Carefully explore the admissions process which involves application to The Ohio State University and an application and audition for acceptance to the School of Music. Contact Undergraduate Studies with questions about the admissions process.

High school students should consider attending Spring Visit Day (April) and we highly recommend Practice Audition Day (October) for high school juniors and seniors considering applying for admission.

Review further details about music education specializations below. Contact Music Education if you have questions about the program. We hope to see you in Columbus soon!

General Music Specialization

Students pursuing the general music education track take coursework covering the spectrum of musical engagement: piano, classroom instruments, band and orchestra instruments, and music technology. In addition to building your own musical skills through studying and performing, the curriculum will help you develop a comprehensive approach to musicianship for students of all ages, including performing, creating and responding to music.

Choral Music Specialization

The choral music education track thoroughly prepares students to teach and conduct singers of all ages. In addition to improving your own musicianship through voice lessons and choir, you will take coursework in vocal pedagogy, basic and advanced conducting, diction, piano skills, rehearsal techniques and more. The ever-expanding range of choral electives includes choral repertoire, music arranging and general music methods.

Instrumental Music Specialization

Instrumental music education students take a full program of courses covering all aspects of becoming an outstanding instrumental music educator. You will learn how to play and teach all of the woodwind, brass, percussion and string instruments as well as develop your conducting and rehearsal skills. Electives you might choose include repertoire classes, music arranging, marching band techniques, jazz pedagogy, and string instrument lab.

Featured Alumni

Julie EllisJulie Ellis, Worthington City Schools

When I came to Ohio State as a freshman music major, I had doubts about majoring in music education. However, soon into the first year, I felt encouraged and inspired by my music education and studio professors to pursue the drive I had since I was young — to be an educator. My teachers helped me develop a set of core values that led me to become a strong teacher, musician, and leader.

Hannah StermanHannah Sterman-Wilson, Hilliard Darby High School and Hilliard Heritage Middle School

The people I met during my time at Ohio State played a vital role in shaping who I am today. Faculty and fellow students alike provided amazing connections and opportunities which helped me as I entered into the professional world and as I establish myself as a music educator. Being a part of OSU gives students access to a wide range of resources while also giving them an individualized experience within the School of Music. I am so grateful for all I learned and was part of at The Ohio State University and within the Music Education program.

Kevin WallickKevin Wallick, Dublin Coffman High School

Ohio State gave me the tools and experiences that I needed to confidently enter into the field of music education. I’m not sure where I would be today if it were not for the guidance I received from the faculty I was blessed to interact with at Ohio State. The connections I was able to make through my education were invaluable to me as a student, and continue to be invaluable to me today as a professional in the field.