Alumni Spotlight

Tim BestTim Best, PhD

Dr. Tim Best is senior researcher at Wexford Institute in Rolling Hills, California. He holds a PhD from The Ohio State University and has spent his career in a variety of educational settings including public K-12 education, higher education, non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, and state and federal government.

Recently, he served as project director and principal investigator of a federal grant for the Ohio Board of Regents with the objective of building technology capacity in the fifty institutions in the state that prepare teachers. He served in a similar capacity for a federal grant at City University of New York.

Best participated in a team of experienced architects and educators to write Architecture for Achievement: Building Patterns for Small School Learning, a practical path through the maze of decisions encountered in a school design or building conversion project.

In 1994 Best was recruited by Governor George Voinovich to establish Ohio SchoolNet, a state agency charged with fitting 100,000 public school classrooms in the state for date, voice, and video connectivity, training teachers to enhance learning with technology, and providing computers and professional development in Ohio elementary schools.

Best lives with his wife, Sharon, in Dublin, Ohio, and Rancho Palos Verdes, California.