High School Honor Band 2019 Nominations


Dear Band Director:

Thank you for your interest in nominating your student(s) for possible participation in the High School Honor Band Weekend to be held January 1820, 2019 at Ohio State.

Instructions. Prior to completing this nomination form, you will need the following information about EACH student nominee:

  • Student's email address
  • All State, regional and district honor band memberships
  • Parent/guardian's email address

Determine rank order of all your nominees. Each student must be ranked uniquely. Do not assign the same ranking to more than one student; duplicate rankings will disrupt the selection process.

Provide information for your top nominees (up to 10) on this form. Upon submission of these nominations, you will be automatically redirected to a second form to continue entering additional nominee(s) as needed, to complete your nomination process.

LIMIT 20 nominees per school.

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk ( * ).

Please note:

The NOMINEE #1 section below is marked with required * fields, since you must nominate at least one student to successfully submit this form. The remaining NOMINEE sections have no * markings, but the same information must be completed as in the NOMINEE #1 section.

High School Information
Enter the complete school name. Do not abbreviate.
Band Director Information
How many students may I nominate?

You may nominate up to twenty (20) students currently in grades 9–12. Up to ten may be submitted on this form; you will be automatically redirected to a second form provided to enter nominee(s) 11–20, as needed. Expand each section by selecting the red NOMINEE heading, and complete all information for each student.

Be sure you have determined RANK ORDER for each nominee. You are asked to enter a unique number in the "Rank" field for each student do not assign the same ranking to more than one student.

How many students are you nominating altogether?
Nominee #1
Student 1 (S1) information
(Add middle initial if necessary)
Rank this student in comparison to all your other nominees.
Student can successfully perform grade concert band music.
Has this student been a member of your state's All State Band or Orchestra?
Has this student been a member of your state's District or Regional Honor Band?

What role would this student best serve in the Honor Band?

Parent/Guardian of Nominee #1 (PG1)

Thank you for your time.

Your nomination of these students (1–10)
is not complete until you click the Submit button below.

You will then be redirected to a second form to enter information for more nominees, as needed. Follow the prompts to complete your entry.