Graduate Applications in Music

Applying to School of Music Graduate Studies

For Academic Year 2018-2019

Consideration for admission into Graduate Studies in Music requires the following:

  1. Electronic submission of your application, AND
  2. Submission of ALL materials specific to your major (uploaded WITH your application or into Dropbox if your major requires it)

Proceed to the Graduate Application Procedures page for complete instructions.

Graduate School's General Admission Criteria

In addition to meeting the School of Music's requirements, you must also meet the general minimum criteria set forth by the Graduate School. Those requirements can be found at

Dates and Deadlines

The Ohio State University application deadline for those who do not wish to be considered for Funding is April 16, 2018 (both domestic and international). Applications and all supporting materials must be received by this date.

Please see the Funding web page for deadlines for funding consideration. NOTE: Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early to assure that all materials are received in time to be considered for our funding opportunities, as well as the deadlines for specific majors, such as voice and piano. It can take up to 2 business days for your application to be electronically received by the School of Music.

Graduate Non-Degree Credit Enrollment

Interested in taking a few music courses without earning a degree? Up to 7 semester hours of graduate non-degree credit may count towards a degree in music here should you decide to pursue one later.

For information regarding enrolling as a graduate non-degree student please visit Graduate Admissions' site at