Music Education PhD Admissions Requirements

The Ohio State University School of Music welcomes qualified applicants for admission to the PhD program in music education. The goal of the program is to prepare professionals for leadership roles in music education, especially for positions as teacher educators in higher education. The following information is provided to assist potential applicants during the admissions process.

General application procedures are described in materials provided by The Ohio State University Graduate Admissions Office and by the School of Music Graduate Studies Office. The Graduate Students - How to Apply page on the School of Music website provides details regarding the electronic submission of application materials.

In addition to fulfilling all of the requirements from The Ohio State University Graduate Admissions Office and the School of Music Graduate Studies Office, applicants must:

  1. Provide a résumé or vitae summarizing educational and professional background and verifying at least three years of teaching experience (piano pedagogy students must have at least three years of experience with private instruction and/or class piano). This should be uploaded into the “Program Documents” section of your online application.

  2. Provide evidence of your teaching ability by submitting a face-the-camera video of your teaching (not a performance video). Upload your video to Dropbox and send a link to area head Dr. Daryl Kinney at Make sure you create it as a SHARED Dropbox available for faculty to review.

  3. Provide a representative scholarly writing sample. This should be uploaded into the “Program Documents” section of your online application.

  4. All admissions materials—including test scores and references—must be received and reviewed by the music education faculty. The faculty will then discuss and vote if an applicant warrants an interview.

  5. Dr. Kinney, as area head of Music Education, will then contact applicants to notify them of the results of the faculty vote. If an interview is granted, Dr. Kinney will schedule an interview for the applicant with members of the Music Education faculty.

Admission may be considered for any semester; however, funding support most often is available to students matriculating in autumn. For students seeking a University Fellowship, the admissions process must be completed by late November of the preceding year. Fellowship awards are announced by mid-March. Graduate Teaching Associate positions are usually awarded during March and April for the following academic year.


  1. An applicant whose master's degree was not in music education may apply. However, if admitted, the student's initial course work will likely involve master's level courses. Also, unless scores already are available, the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) must be taken.
  2. Ohio State Master of Arts graduates, and those applicants changing degree programs, must (a) complete the items listed above, (b) send a letter to Dr. Kinney asking for admission to the program, and (c) obtain three letters of reference that address their potential for doctoral level work in music education.